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    Posted July 5, 2010 by
    Carbondale, Illinois
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    New Energy Devices: Solar, Fusion, Propulsion?


    I recently watched cnn and found that there are other people trying new ideas for energy production.  I have been working on building a high B field density material to allow for Nuclear fusion in small scale applications.  The material is known as a "Smart" material because it will react to incoming energy in the form of photons, electrons, and many other types of radioactive energy emissions.  When it reacts, it has the property of absorbing the energy and converting it to electricity.


    I have spent over $80,000 of my own money to build this high vacuum system.  It is unfortunate that finding government grants and good investors is so difficult.  I have applied for grants only to realize that the system is corrupted by friends of friends and if you are not their friend, you get denied grant money.  Investers want nearly 51% of your company.


    I work full time at SIUC as a scientist and work on my ideas at home in my lab in the evening, weekends and vaction time.  I have built many of the components by myself since I am also a machinist as well as a physicist.  Many of the off the shelf parts came from ebay purchases of surplus instruments.  The system is completely controlled by labview.


    One question is why is the government giving so much money to big businesses when there are so many like myself out there trying to bring new ideas into reality?  People like myself use our own money and ingenuity to make these things.  Compared to big industry, individuals like myself develop more ideas in less time than the big companies because there are less suits involved.  Business people want to rake in money, but they don't necessarily want to spend big money to create something to help change our future in the right ways.  Such as developing new energy devices to reduce our demand for oil.


    My goal remains the same, develop new, highly efficient energy conversion devices that will reduce or eliminate the need for oil as a fuel.


    If I ever get enough funding I will be able to focus all of my time developing this new technology.   Do not take this as a plea for funding, I prefer to fund myself because I do not want anyone to interfere with the work I am doing.  I also enjoy my job at the University as a scientist performing friction research and teaching students to use their mind and hands to accomplish their ideas in science and engineering.  Although, I don't enjoy fixing the instruments that the graduate students break because they don't check reactions first!  I have discussed the technology with my other colleagues in theoretical and experimental physics and they all agree with the theory.  I work with one solid state Physicist.  This work has not been published yet because of the theft of ideas I have had in the past.


    Right now I have a broken neck and in the process of healing.  At the current rate of time that can be spent on this, a reasonable estimate of no more than 2 years before we have a new product prototype that could output more energy than you put in to start the process.   Meaning that the reaction continues as long as you continue to add fuel and the fuel is the most abundent in the universe, Hydrogen.   This same technology allows for a greater than 25% (@100 C) efficient solar material that will cost about $1 per watt to the consumer.  The full development of this new nano technologically based material is what is being worked on at the moment.  Controlling the production uniformly is the challenge.


    If you create fusion, you have to get the energy out the most efficient way possible and at the same time absorb the radiation emitted from the reactor.  The old way is to use water and turn it into steam to run generators.  There is a much better way to harness that energy through the use of magnetic fields of sufficient density.


    Keep your eyes and mind open, the technology is coming much quicker than you think.


    This project is still ongoing and has run into funding issues.  It will continue to be researched and hopefully funding will be stepped up in the near future.



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