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    Despicable Me Will Rock The Box - Best Film of 2010?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TheVideoMan was blown away by the excellent CGI and storytelling of the movie 'Despicable Me.' He gave it an A+ and says it’s one of the year’s best films. His wife, Roberta, pointed out it was like watching a grown-up movie in an animated, for-children genre.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    To put it simply friends, this film from Universal Pictures is not only one of the best films of the year, but it's also one of the best pictures of the CGI Era!


    It all began in 1995 with "Toy Story", and Disney's Pixar Studios has ruled the roost from the beginning, but this is a very special movie that ranks with the best in the genre.


    With both CGI Animation and 3-D films becoming commonplace now, what sets this show apart? Well, it's called originality, new characters, a great script, and plenty of humor, action, and eye candy for all ages!


    When you see "Shrek the 4th" and "Toy Story 3", although they are decent films, everyone knows the characters. Not so here, as everything is as fresh as a new toy!


    Everything in this film is awesome, from the villians to the orphan girls, the cool gadgets, the bright colors, the humor, the tears, the family values.


    I predict this fine movie will get incredible word of mouth, and it would not surprise me if the second release week brings in even more dough then the first...As the word spreads!


    GRADE: A+++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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