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    Posted July 12, 2010 by
    Atlanta, Georgia
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    Losing unemployment benefits

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    Losing Unemployment - The Untold Story


    Losing my unemployment or finding employment is far more difficult than one may initially imagine.


    Unfortunately my untold story is a story that is far too common today for around 8.6 million Americans over 40 years old and well educated who cannot find employment.


    What appeared to be a great life begun to crumble when interviews became sparse or when I interviewed with individuals that could be my children. It is similar to  earthquake after shocks because I'm still feeling the rumble of the earth here in Alpharetta, a prominent suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, because now my mortgage lender is attempting to seek a motion for relief from stay. I have equity in my home but now they changed the rules on how to value a property basically attempting to take all of the equity that I have in my home and make the bank richer! I will fight this in court attempting to represent myself.


    Doing whatever it takes to get a job is no easy feat these days but I am doing everything in my power to land a job in Atlanta since I lost my 99 weeks of unemployment but fortunately I have not lost my spirit or my will to work! Two more interviews this week - Better than any touchdown!


    I have been writing about this situation since May 2010 as an iReporter so it is funny to me that now "CNN" and others like "ABC" are now interested to know what people will do next when they lose their unemployment. Why does it take 8.6 million people losing their jobs before the mainstream media responds or reports with more urgency on these events?


    After spending my entire life's earnings, 401K, and being on the verge of financial disaster, after paying off completely ten years of student loans, having completed a Masters Degree in International Trade from Eastern Michigan University,  being bilingual in Spanish, having done an internship at The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and working as a Warranty Auditor for a large German manufacturer, and never being late on one payment in nearly 53 years, I find myself in a financial position of having less cash in my pocket than I did when I was a student, and applying for food stamps.


    Christians tell me they will pray me. While I thank them for their effort, "prayer without action",  has little value or positive consequences.


    In January 2009 I passed the PRAXIS Exam or The G.A.C.E.  Exam for all levels of Spanish. I can teach Spanish in any of our Georgia Schools however I cannot even get a job there because I don't have a teacher's certificate  or allowed to interview because my application is blocked at teacher career fairs because so many teachers have lost their jobs , even though I have a Masters Degree in Spanish and International Trade, lived in Madrid, Spain and worked as an intern in an International Trade Bank.


    I have promoted so many of my local Marietta & Savannah businesses by designing pieces for them found on my facebook link at: http://www.atlantaphotographer4hire.com to reinvent myself as a Media Analyst. I have done most of the work for free simply for exposure.


    Now I need help more than anyone I know. I am not looking for a handout just a job so I can I live. On average I have sent more than 80 resumes/day using Indeed, CareerBuilder, Yahoo HotJobs and Monster, respectively. Networking at organizations has helped me realize that the majority of the folks in a similar situation are well educated caucasian males over 40 years old sporting various shades of gray.


    I hope and pray that people see my message and that I can be a contributing member of our society and country once again. I want to thank all of those kind individuals who passed me potential job leads and websites with the federal government. I take every lead very seriously.


    Please share this with any potential employer especially since small business creates other jobs. It appears to me that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are so busy promoting other agendas they don't appear to be interested by the plight of the Unemployed Americans  called "The 99ers" or the long term unemployed. Why senators and congressman want to leave the 99ers hang out to dry is beyond my comprehension.


    The White House issued a report that 3.2 million jobs were saved or created by President Obama with the recovery. I want to know what those jobs are and who is filling them. I would be most happy to work in the White House to lead this project!




    Len Pasek, M.A.

    Media Analyst | Auditor | ESOL | Photographer | Writer

    Email: lenpasek@gmail.com

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