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    Ancient Hologram Stones Project Photo Detailed Bible Images


    Properly defined as 'petro' (rock) 'photoglyphs' (photo engravings) these artifacts project detailed photographic stories that can be found in the bible and other religious scriptures.


    These ancient stone engraved DVDs project their photo image stories (codices) when properly illuminated and positioned.  Using modern photo, lighting and positioning technologies on the petro photoglyphs to develop their image stories defines these stones as 'time capsule messages'.


    The Genesis Petroglyph (1st stone pictured) projects a detailed photo image codex (story) found in Genesis 6, or the story of the deluge.  The image has been isolated from the the stone etched hologram projection by a process of background data elimination.  The 'eyes' were isolated from the image and plays a significant role in deciphering the projection (reference 'The Eyes of Horus').


    The Unicorn Petroglyph (2nd stone pictured) projects a highly detailed photo image story that can be found in the bible story of JOB.  A creature defined at the end of the biblical story in JOB chapters 39 - 41.  The creature is called the unicorn in chapter 39, the behemoth in chapter 40, and the leviathan (meaning swirled...referring to the single swirled horn) in chapter 41.  With reference to the story of JOB, the creature was detailed as an 'Avatar or Symbol' of The Creator.  Symbolic representations of both the 'Mesoamerican Deity Quetzalcoatl' and the 'Arm of The Creator with Spike Pierced Palm'  are pictured in the developments from The Unicorn Petroglyph.


    Photographic projections from small stone artifacts (petro photoglyphs) providing photographic messages detailing biblical, mythical and historical information we have available today.


    Could this be the alien contact we seek?

    Could this be the 'Proof of GOD' we seek?


    Research and developments of 'petro photoglyphs' can be found at:



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