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    The Love Foundation Opens an Office in SL


    I had reported on Global Love Day earlier in the year, an event that is held annually on May 1 and includes 136 countries all around the world.  It was an idea conceived by Harold W. Becker, founder and President of The Love Foundation Inc, the non-profit organisation behind this special yearly occasion. The Love Foundation’s (TLF) aim is to bring love to people worldwide “inspiring people to love unconditionally” and the first Global Love Day was launched back in May 2004.


    Introduced into Second Life for the first time this year, Global Love Day had proved to be a major success and I dropped into the event throughout the day to meet the visitors and join in the dancing and meditation sessions that were taking place.  The good news is that Harold W. Becker and his team have decided to make a permanent base in SL.  Now people from all over the world can participate and share their love with each other without physically having to travel, plus the SL site is open all year 24/7.


    I went over to the smart new virtual Love Foundation office to meet Harold (avatar HB Eternal).  The office holds a wealth of information about Global Love Day, as well as having links back to The Love Foundation website.  I asked Harold to tell me all about how things are proceeding with TLF now, using Second Life as a forum, he kindly gave me the latest news.


    “We were warmly embraced upon our arrival and quickly began making many new friends both within NPC (The Nonprofit Commons) as well as throughout SL.  Being relatively new to SL, we received help from other experienced NPC tenants like MacZ Urbanowicz of Global Planit, along with TechSoup volunteer staff Ninlil Xeltentat, who helped us learn the basic build for signage, gathered useful script, office objects and provided a wealth of insight to help us rapidly finish our in-world nonprofit office.


    In this new space, we are able to introduce all of our major programs as well as provide links to our RL (real life) web site and various social pages like Facebook, Twitter and our You Tube Channel.  This allows anyone to come through our office and quickly understand our vision and mission and make contact with us either through SL or RL depending on their interest.


    We received yet another delightful surprise one day from our newly designated TLF SL Coordinator Philip McGillivary, when he sent us a teleport offer to the Loving Earth – Loving Pandora area.  Philip and Rick Zackerly were the creative inspiration and team that developed our in-world Global Love Day event and together they created and donated a meditative and contemplative jungle sim for our benefit and use. In addition to our office environment we can now invite people to enjoy this other location too.


    As a globally oriented nonprofit with connections in over 136 countries, we are fortunate to have a diverse base of volunteers that are helping and supporting our new office presence.  Philip hails from England and is frequently available in the Loving Earth area, while Fleur Feila of Holland is often meeting and introducing our nonprofit to avatars coming through our office during earlier day time hours, while Deborealis Messioptra and Alyxzandria Spiritor can often be found in the afternoon and evening hours.


    TLF Cofounder JT Christos has been designing and creating t-shirts for us that we offer in our gift bag, and board member Erik Evermore is developing our social presence by planning weekly meditations and gatherings.  With this great team of growing volunteers, we have already established ourselves in SL in just a few brief weeks. Considering we originally intended to have a simple virtual event to complement our existing worldwide Global Love Day in RL, it is turning out to be an extraordinary experience.


    Many of our SL friends are also becoming RL friends and we are finding wonderful synergies and opportunities to collaborate with our mutual visions and respective organizations in both worlds.  A simple chat often turns in to a RL connection and conversation. The potentials keep expanding and we are delighted with our progress, momentum and the wonderful support of so many.


    We welcome you to visit our office and offer you a loving hug.”


    This is a great organisation to be part of for new and experienced avatars alike who wish to make friends and share the warmth and companionship of The Love Foundation Inc group in SL.  You will be sure of a friendly welcome by people who offer unconditional love and support, it’s a very happy place to be, run by dedicated people who wish to bring a little love to everyone in the world.





    The Love Foundation in SL


    Loving Pandora – Loving Earth


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