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    Moreno Valley, California

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    A Parent's Worse Nightmare is Realized - Norma Lopez is a Confirmed Homicide


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     The body found in a field in Moreno Valley, CA, yesterday was confirmed by autopsy to be that of missing teen Norma Lopez. TheVideoMan lives in the community and attended the press conference yesterday afternoon. Wells Fargo Bank has set up an account for anyone who wishes to donate toward the reward fund.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    CNN IReporter Al Mealey has been covering the Norma Lopez case in Moreno Valley, California since she disappeared on Thursday, July15, 2010 while walking home from summer school. This is our hometown.


    Sgt. Joe Borja, Public Information Office, with the Moreno Valley Police Department conducted today's news conference @ 2:00PM 7.21.10 . An autopsy was performed at 9:00 a.m. today on the b:ody that was found in a field at the intersection of Dracea and Theodore.  It was confirmed that the body is indeed that of Norma Lopez.


    The police have been in constant contact with the Lopez family keeping them updated of all updates.  This matter is now a confirmed homicide.  The police stated that there are leads that they are following.  The hotline number of 1-877-242-4345 remains open and anyone with any information is encouraged to relay said information to the police.  Central Homicide Unit, Investigator Merill, are the lead unit on this case. Merill can be reached at 951-955-2777.  There is an e-mail address for anyone who wishes to relay any information regarding this matter to the police.  That e-mail adderss is: Findnormaskiller@Riversidesheriff.org.


    There is a $35,000.00 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of Ms. Lopez.


    Wells Fargo Bank has set up an account for anyone who wishes to contribute to the reward in this matter.


    The Lopez Family has requested that they be left alone during this time of mourning.


    The police stated that they have leads that they are following, but that information will not be revealed to the public.  In addition, the cause of death and injury will not be disclosed.


    The body of Ms. Lopez was identified by dental records.  Her body was found by a resident who owned the property where her body was discovered.  He was doing yard and discovered her body as he was mowing.


    A Green SUV was possibly seen in the field that Norma Lopez walked through on the day in question.  The police would like to speak to anyone who has information regarding the identity and description of the vehicle.  They may be witnesses to the occurrence and the police would like to speak with anyone who has information about their identity.


    Norma Lopez was last seen before 10:00 a.m. on July 15, 2010 at school.


    A murderer is still out there.  The police urged parents to be vigilant with your children.  Please make sure all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of your children.


    One other body was found near the same area where Norma's body was located about months ago - but the two incidents have not been linked.


    This is a parent's worse nightmare.  The police and
    FBI will use all resources to insure that the killer or killers are apprehended.


    CNN Superstar IReporter Al Mealey will continue his coverage of this case that has affected our entire community. God bless the families, friends, and relatives.

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