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    Posted July 25, 2010 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Track the oil disaster

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    The blue pearl, will she survive ?


    Dolphins surfacing into oily water to get the lifesaving fresh air and take a gulp of oil into there lungs, slowly running down to adhere the lungs. Hunting in a Corexit, oil methane poison soup fishes with gills full of crude oil. To die a painful death, to surface an oil poisoned dead body who is easy prey for the weakened Pelicane. A deadly meal is today served for the fledgling, fish ala crude oil.


    Dieing nature on the beach, there comes a clean up worker along, with shorts and t shirt. His legs covered with splashes of oil, slowly absorbed by the skin. Poison, also known as crude oil, finding the way to the nerves and vital organs to start the destructive work. The breathing mask is missing and all the fine particles can find the way into the lungs. Misplaced in a human body the particles create havoc and can't be included in our circle of life.


    In the vicious circle of the green bucks Moral, Respect and empathy for our world and our next have no place to be. Everyone wants there life back, but not all are so lucky to have a racing yacht on the other side of the world including a multi million dollar salary plus stock options. CEO´s trapped with the quarterly "hurray more profit mentality" can only survive with a moral blackout and no thought about the world they leave for our next generations.


    Here we are, with sociopathic multi billion dollar companies who forgot that we only have this world while they act like a horde of wild monkeys to get more of the narcotic green bucks. Forgetting that we haven't any reset button.


    In Second Life a group of brave women has created a series of seminars about the destructive impact of the Gulf Oil Spill and the effects on nature, life and humans. This series of speeches is held for the next 6 months and covers: Ecology, economy, health, technology and public policy.


    Delia Lake:
    We cannot roll back this disaster.  There is no "take two" for this scene.  Yet giving in to dispair and inaction will almost guarantee repeat performances.   We human beings we can and must do better than what we are doing now.  We can if we trade dispair for hope and inaction for engaged participation in in making urgently needed changes in attitude, behavior and public policy. None of us, though, can do this alone.  It will take many, many determined people and groups talking, learning, sharing and re-solving.


    Today we are setting the stage for the broad context of Gulf Teach-Ins to be held here during the next 6 months (July through December).  The areas of focus are: Ecology, Economy, Health, Technology, and Public Policy.


    For this first of our series, Delia Lake will introduce ecology issues and Perplexity Peccable will cover health issues.  In RL Delia works as a consultant in sustainability; Lexi in RL is a health librarian with a major university.  We invite you to join us in these presentations and discussions.  We also invite you to "get to know" what an oil spill does by exploring our habitat build.


    We have made this build on Virtually Speaking to simulate  the effects of an oil spill on coastal ecologies. We started off expecting that we would select an area, most likely a barrier island, off the Louisiana or Mississippi coast and approximate that habitat virtually.  The more we researched though, the more it was obvious that this particular Deep Horizons human caused oil gush catastrophe, as bad as it is, is just a well-publicized incident among hundreds of appalling oil drilling disasters around the world.   So this build instead is representative of what is happening many places in the world.


    By coming together to learn with and inspire each other in SL, it is our hope that individually and collectively we will be better able to help create a different and better future reality in the real world.


    A crisis is also a chance for a change, as drastic as the oil spill is as drastic have the measures to be to get the word moral into the business world.


    The next public talk will take place at Virtually Speaking at the 5th and 12th August at 6 pm SLT.


    virtual oil spill in Second Life


    Kiko Hunniton for iReport CNN from Second Life


    further information for health care in the gulf region


    all pictures by Kiko Hunniton

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