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    Posted July 28, 2010 by
    Austin, Texas
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    Oil disaster views and solutions

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    100 Days since BP's Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill, and this is just the beginning!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     CrysHowle told me, 'The scene was HORRIBLE. It was very emotional at first. The sand was SOAKED in oil, and hermit crabs were having a hard time crawling up to the beach.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

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    As I sit here and look at these pictures taken only less than a week ago  in Grand Isle, Louisiana, I cant help but to think that this is only the beginning.  There is still SO MUCH cleaning and recovering to do.  It seems that the people that are not down there in the gulf are forgetting this tragedy as fast as they burn another tank of gas, OR use ANY of these things on a daily basis: make-up, ink, crayons, dishwashing liquids, deodorant, eye glasses, tires, cd's, DVD's, laptops, cell phones, bottled water...the list can go on forever.  As we sit here and point fingers just take a look around you and ask yourself how did this stuff get here and where did it come from?  How was this computer made, where does my food come from,  do I have enough gas in my tank to get to work?  Now look in the mirror and point your finger!  America needs to get off our addiction to oil, NOW!  Bring back electric cars, use solar and windpower energy, grow your own food, stop consuming so much and be MORE AWARE.  Being and bringing awareness is the strongest tool we have right now to prevent these disasters.  Set yourself a goal.  Write your self a contract.  If you could just give up one thing today, for the rest of your life, what would it be? Try giving that one thing up, and see what difference you can make!


    Photos by: Crystal Howle

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