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    Posted July 30, 2010 by
    N.E., Florida
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    Arizona immigration showdown

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    Boycott? Sure, Please!


    *** Note: The picture above is not one I created. The Author is unknown, but found in an email I received.***


    So. it's been said by several cities that they want to boycott the state of AZ.


    It's also been said by Mexican authorities, I believe the President of Mexico himself, that a boycott of AZ should continue to take place.


    Here's my thought on the matter. Please do!


    Why would I say such a thing since I am a staunch supporter of AZ's Immigration Law?


    The cities who support illegals will in the end have egg on their face. It seems now, that 67-69% of Americans support AZ's Immigration Law. Hmm... That's a big chuck of the American population now isn't it?


    So, as a supporter of AZ, what would I do if I had planned to vacation in one of those cities that supports illegals & I find that they're promoting a boycott against AZ? I'd take my business to AZ! Duh!


    These "city officals" continue to show their arrogance, ignorance, and sheer lack of common sense. By proclaiming "were boycotting AZ", while the majority of Americans support AZ, you in turn only hurt your cities economic outlook, not AZ. Dummy!


    So, please continue to boycott AZ; please continue hurting yourselves, & pissing off the folks who elected you into office. (I'm sure your days are numbered now that you've "made a statement") You're helping AZ after all, didn't you know? You should be so proud of yourselves, LoL! Please continue to give the supporters of AZ a good laugh at your irrational logic & also, the financial support you did not intend to give the state of AZ.


    It should also be noted that AZ seems to be picking up economically since the law passed. Hmm... I wonder why? LoL!


    Now, as for Mexico.


    Who really bothers listening to the President of Mexico? Oh, yea, wait, President Obama, that's who. What a shock!


    President Obama allowed Mexico's President to come onto our turf, into our home, and proclaim we're wrong; to disrespect us really. It just makes my stomach turn when I think about the comments made by Mexico's President & praised non the less by President Obama himself!


    So, the President of Mexcio has an opinion of us... Great, now keep it yourself! Our opinions of your country aren't much better, really, they aren't. Yet, WE ARE NOT COMING INTO YOUR HOME, LIKE YOU DID OURS, & DISRESPECTING YOU! In other words, SHUT IT!


    The President of Mexico needs to be more concerned over his country's path, not ours. If he spent as much time pondering over his own country's issue, as he did over what's going on in our country, who knows what positive direction his country might be taking. Nah, who am I kidding, Mexico would still be, well... Mexico.


    Is it not Mexcio that's spinning out of control due to drug cartels? Is not Mexcio that's talked about in the news & all their barbaric beheadings, shooting rampages, bombings, etc? Sometimes I have to make sure I'm not reading about Iraq, it's hard to tell the difference some days really. It is his country that has caused deaths on our side of the border all in the name of "drugs"? Yea, that's what I thought... It is!


    Mexico's President is clearly not competent enough to handle his own country's dire circumstances, so he turns a blind eye to it & starts talking smack about us. Um, no Mr. President, it doesn't work like that. Fix your own country's issues first, then we'll see if you have a right to talk smack in our home.


    So, boycott away, please. Make our day!

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