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    Posted July 30, 2010 by
    N.E., Florida
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    I've got a bone to pick with Obama supporters, both during & after the election.


    During the election of '08, I joined up and became an iReporter. It wasn't long before I saw realized a common trend on this site was to be found in other iReporters:


    Folks were beyond gullible, ignorant, blinded, and acted just plain stupid in 9 out of 10 voters on this site. I don't say 10 out of 10 b/c there were, on occasion, a few sane individuals who came to my defense & agreed with me.


    I went along through out the entire election on here. I made my case AGAINST Obama, but accepted the reality, sadly, b/c folks were gullible, ignorant, blinded, and just plain stupid, that Obama would win the election.


    As we know, he did.


    So, now that we've now had "the pleasure" of Obama as President for the last 19 months I have to ask, (though I can guess most of the answers that will be given) what were you Obama supporters thinking & if he were to run again, today, would you vote for him? I'm curious, still angry & bitter no less, but curiosity is killing me.


    I asked why folks were "voting for Obama" back in '08, but the blindness was too great for many to see through the real Obama. The answers given, many of them, just made no sense. I guess the idea of "HOPE & CHANGE" were too much for people to wrap their minds around & they got all stupid. At least that is what I'd like to think. To imagine folks purely that gullible and stupid is well, a bit mind blowing to me & hard to accept.


    So, here, share with me why you voted, if you are still happy with your vote, if so why, & if not, please do share why you're not.


    One other thing, do you still have an Obama sticker on your car these days? LoL! Here in N.E. Florida, you'll find many of them have disappeared. Not shocking in the least.

    LoL! As my bumper sticker says "I was Anti-Obama Before It was Cool". Yes, I've gotten a lot compliments over it, LoL!

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