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    Watertown, New York
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    Millions of Jobs Lost- Illegal Immigrants or Corporate Outsourcing?


    Times are tough. Jobs are hard to come by..we need someone to blame.


    Many say, "It's the illegal's fault. They're the ones taking American jobs and pushing down the wages of legitimate American workers. If these people weren't here, there'd be more jobs for the rest of us."


    Maybe so, to a small degree, some good paying jobs in construction have been taken by illegal's. But are illegal's responsible for the majority of the millions of job losses that have happened over the last 10 years?


    Aren't immigrants just looking for the same thing we are? A job. A way to provide a decent living for their family?


    Corporate outsourcing of American jobs, I believe, is responsible for the millions of jobs lost and the continuing downward pressure on wages.  Corporations have trillions of dollars in reserve and are unwilling to invest it by hiring Americans. Why?


      Why aren't our voices equally loud about this as we are about the immigration problem? With five people looking for every job available, wages have one place to go- down. It's not the immigrants that are the main cause of job loss but greedy corporations.


    Here's an interesting article from 2004. The United States was having the same discussion after the Recession  and slow job recovery after the 2001 recession.


    Is offshoring to blame for the slow job growth in the U.S. economy?


    Many economists say that outsourcing of white-collar jobs is not the primary, or even a major, reason the U.S. economy is not creating enough new jobs to make a significant dent in the unemployment rate.


    Some argue that the practice is helping to stimulate the economy. However, these economists also concede that the low level of job creation in recent years has made it more difficult for workers who lose their jobs to outsourcing to find new ones.


    Some 3 million private-sector jobs ( as of 2004) have been lost since the U.S. economy peaked in 2000, most of them in manufacturing.


    These economists say the drop in employment, however, is primarily explained by factors other than outsourcing, such as:


    • the bursting of the tech bubble and its effects on Wall Street;
    • the general downturn in the business cycle;
    • the consolidation of retailing under mega-companies like Wal-Mart;
    • technological advances that have made some jobs obsolete;
    • and the chilling economic effects of the September 11 attacks and subsequent events.





    How Does Outsourcing Affect the U.S. Economy

    Even in the middle classes, there are plenty of jobs that are now outsourced. This has been particularly the case in the computer and technology industry.

    Again, inability to find work means inability to purchase homes, spend money, and profit companies.

    When people don't buy, corporations that produce things don't make money, which can thus “trickle down” to fewer jobs available and a greater desire to outsource to make things more cheaply so they will be more attractive to consumers.



    Does immigration cost American jobs?




    The Century Foundation


    Charts and summary:



    Study Finds Immigrants don't hurt U.S. Jobs

    By Kim Hart

    Washington Post Staff Writer

    "High levels of immigration in the past 15 years do not appear to have hurt employment opportunities for American workers, according to a new report.


    The Pew Hispanic Center analyzed immigration state by state using U.S. Census data, evaluating it against unemployment levels. No clear correlation between the two could be found."


    When jobs are outsourced, Americans lose choices and jobs but our Government loses tax revenue as well.


    Government makes up this lost revenue by charging us more in taxes. Corporations enjoy the benefit of lower labor costs that are passed on to us as taxpayers indirectly while they claim it's to bring product costs down. For whom? Corporations or American consumers? Are these savings passed on to us?


    So what's new? We pick up the tab for most of America's corporations' welfare and bailouts every time. Maybe someday, Washington will realize that the solution to our job loss problem is not what they've been doing.


    It's simple. Make corporations pay their share for jobs they cut and the tax revenue they cost the government by charging tariffs on all imported productsby American companies that have outsourced American jobs.


    Take away the incentive to outsource jobs.


    Use the money collected to retrain workers and invest in research and development for new products that can only be manufactured here in the U.S. Right now, American workers are paying for the corporation's outsourcing..in more than one way.


    What do you think?




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