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    Posted August 7, 2010 by
    Gulf of Mexico
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    Track the oil disaster

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    Oil and 'The Power of POWER'


    LIVE BP cams and their stories.


    It is not "the sea floor moving, neither an earthquake shaking the ocean, nor an explosion", as some videos recently posted on the internet, claim what they saw was a sort of an 'eruption'.


    Those images the submersible ROV cameras deliver to us, those minuscule frames and horrible resolution which BP has so generously provided us with, those images are made for misinterpretation.


    In the case of what some describe as an "eruption, explosion and/or rise of the sea floor, caused either by earth quakes, well interception activity or methane gas", what we saw in those videos is mostly the ROV moving and panning the camera then turning rapidly, swirling up the silt.


    The problem is that people get wrong impressions because we have only very bad quality Live Cam feeds provided by BP's website.


    Would that be comparable to BP's ways of manipulating their Press Photos? We will probably find out, too.


    This kind of news is what BP wants us to believe, just so they can say we "don't understand anything" and then declare us as ridiculous and spreading an 'Uneducated Guess'!


    If we had better, high resolution camera feeds, we would be able to interpret these images better! We, the public and those who are experts not assigned to this disaster, could assist in helping find solutions.


    But NO, there is no TEAM PLAY here with BP, there is NO COMMON INTEREST to save the environment, people and economy, there is only "The Power of POWER".!


    However, what is really annoying, is the fact that we have 95% of the cameras pointing at worthless images of sea floor or pieces of unused equipment and cables laying around, since 95% of the duration of this disaster.


    In China, people pick up the oil with their bare hands and in the US they spend Millions of Dollars for "ROV's Hanging around".


    A waste of money, a waste of our time and an insult to experts and all human beings!


    But at the end of the day the question still remains: "What was it really what we saw on those ROV's?"


    It might be the camera, it might be the methane or even an earth quake, however it remains to be all about the money, publicity and last but not least the hypocrisy and ignorance of the greater picture!


    Who Knows?

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