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    Posted August 9, 2010 by
    Simpsonville, Kentucky
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    Giving birth at home

    Home birth with a Certified Nurse Midwife


    My husband and I decided to have our second child at home after the birth of our first son in a hospital setting.  There are many reasons we choose to do this.  We researched birth options extensively after my first son's birth--he was born at a teaching hospital.  Here were the reasons we choose homebirth:

    1) In the hosptial, there was no privacy, there was no freedom of movement, the nurses there were not trained to support a woman in labor who wanted a low intervention birth.  Once my water broke I was restricted to bed, which slowed my labor.  I did deliver my son vaginally with no pain medication, but it was an induction, therefore fast and very taxing on my body--it was not a "natural" birth.  I was never comfortable in the hospital setting and knew for my second birth I wanted a different setting.

    2)  Research also told me that in a hospital setting, the chances of having interventions (induction, epidurals, c-sections)  was greater (even though I was considered low-risk and healthy), which could place my baby and/or myself at greater risk.  I had worked very hard, from pre-conception to pregnancy to be healthy and give my child a great start when he was born, and I felt giving birth in a low-intervention setting went hand in hand with my family's needs and values, as well as the safest option for us.

    3)  There were no birth centers in my area to give birth.  I did not want to go back to the hospital.  I found a CNM (certified nurse midwife) in my area who does homebirth for low-risk moms.  CNMs are trained, highly skilled nurses who specialize in low-risk maternity care and labor and delivery.  My CNM had seen hundreds of low-risk moms and babies--lots of low to no intervention methods.  Not one OB that I interviewed (Yes, I interviewed any and all OB/GYNs we considered for each birth) had the same outlook on birth nor utilized a midwifery model of care in their practice.  Not one.  I didn't need a surgeon.  I didn't need someone who didn't support my views or values.  I needed a trained practitioner who would allow nature to take its course and support me when/if needed. I needed a practitioner who allowed me to have my doula and family present to support me through labor.  I needed a practitioner who understood birth as a natural process.  My CNM was that practitioner. She was trained to follow my pregnancy and let me know if the risk was too high to labor at home.


    My 8lb, 14 oz son was born healthy and happy in our home, serenely, quietly, safely and surrounded with love.  Is homebirth for everyone?  Absolutely not.  It is up to women to educate themselves on this issue and make the best choice for themselves and their babies.  Not all women have the option for homebirth as I did.  It is my hope that one day all women have the option to birth in a hospital, birth center or at home.  To each their own.  As for me...I will take homebirth 100 times over.


    Link to my homebirth slideshow:  http://smilebox.com/playEmail/4d5445794d6a55794e7a6c384d546b784d7a67354d54513d0d0a&sb=1

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