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    Posted August 11, 2010 by
    boston, Massachusetts
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    Can We Trust our Government?


    According to John C. Michaelson (2010) in today’s Wall Street Journal, his comments clearly state what President Obama and the Democratic Congress do not understand. Michaelson said “Money that should be invested to create jobs is instead funding government debt, while worried consumers sit on the sidelines” (Wall Street Journal, 11 August 2010).

    Going on two years since Mr. Obama took office, the US Government keeps saying that consumers do not have any inflation. Yet, anyone that shops for food, clothing, and beauty items, health care items, or any commercial items know that the everything costs more. For example, my daughter’s glucometer strips under Bush cost $95-98. Under Obama, the same strips costs $114-119 or 17-20% more.

    At the pumps, Gas has gone up from $0.55 to $2-3 depending on when one purchased the gas since Obama took office. In other words, under Obama, it seems that consumers have to deal with uncontrolled greed. Yet, the government continues to say that consumers have no increase in inflation in order to keep the COLA-of-Living Accounts (COLA) from increasing so that Social Security Recipients (SSR), Retirees, and Disabled Americans continue to live at the cost of living that the 2008 inflation rates caused for consumers.

    The liberal media fail to note and report that Mr. Obama and the spend free Democratic Congress that has been in office since President Bush final two years started our nations incredible debt rise at alarming rates. This has occurred even though thousands of SS recipients receive an average of $8-10,000 per years. Lower than those receiving unemployment for the 99 maximum weeks that Obama and the Democratic Congress have created. Mainly because many of these Americans are in no rush to find work as noted by the stagnate unemployment rates.

    At the same time, Obama’s weekly parties at the White House spends approximately $150,000 on liquor, Pelosi has ordered additional airliners so that she and her staff, the First Lady and her friends take vacations in Spain and other tourist locations. Each Congressional Bill if full of Pork and the latest Stimulus Bill even contained low interest loans for 20-30 Congress Reps.

    It seems that as an adult I wasted 31 years fighting for my country in the military. While I was defending my country, my age group and others were busy getting electing themselves to DC in order to live off our tax dollars. American Politician truly has no character, no shame, no ethics, and no integrity. At the same time, Mrs. Obama and her friends are taking another vacation within a few months to El Sol, Spain. The Obama's truly don't care of the average citizen that they are supposed to represent.

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