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    Posted August 11, 2010 by
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    Getting Faith Questions Answered by Bro. Eliseo Soriano on Twitter


    If you are one of the 11,200+ followers of this “Bible Expert” on Twitter, you might be one of the many who already asked a question and received a reply.


    Bro. Eliseo Soriano, one of the most popular religious figures in the Philippines known for his mastery of the Bible, has opened a Twitter account to answer questions from the Twitterverse. Queries to him range from attaining salvation, to caring for one’s health, and showing love to enemies.


    Bro. Eli's Twitter handle is @broelisoriano.


    The International Evangelist mostly uses English and Tagalog for majority of his followers are from the Philippines. He's also tweeting in Pampango, Ilocano, and even Spanish and Portuguese, and other local Filipino dialects when needed, especially when the tweets came from non-Tagalog and non-English speakers.


    Oftentimes, a one-word reply from well-known Twitter personalities mean much. When a reply is received, a tweet via Twitter or its equivalent in Facebook – a status update – is expected.


    Of course Twitter’s 140-character limit is not enough to contain Bro. Eli’s answers. Sometimes when the answer need to be expounded or elaborated, the preacher tweets inquirers to ask him live during Bible Expositions.


    Bible Exposition and Question-and-Answer Segment


    It's already an all-too familiar scene that Bro. Eli answers live during Expositions and ofte the answers are well-elaborated. Depending on the elaboration needed, for Bro. Eli, time can take a back seat just so people will understand and doubts will be erased by the biblical answers.


    The phenomenal preacher also challenges people to ask him questions of any kind because the Bible has the answers.


    When a debate challenge is called, an agreement between the parties must first be signed. So long as the time permits during his television program or Bible Exposition, and even on Twitter, any thing can happen.


    For Telling the Truth, Enemies Malign Him


    For more than three decades, Bro. Eli’s mettle and unquestionable logic in answering people’s questions or doubts about the Bible have earned him both avid followers and rabid detractors.


    His enemies are following him everywhere he is preaching. And in Twitter, enemies have started creating fake accounts, which include one named after the preacher’s “Truthcaster” moniker, aimed at confusing and humiliating Bro. Eli before his many followers.


    Twitter, however, has afforded Bro. Eli convenience in erasing doubts about his credibility and answering allegations thrown against him. Observers are convinced these are  smear campaigns because Bro. Eli exposes the wrongdoings and false beliefs even of the more influential religions and many preachers in the Philippines and abroad.


    Since the time Bro. Eli started preaching abroad, his detractors took advantage of his absence in his own home country and used trumped-up charges filed against him. Enemies disseminate misinformation and lies about Bro. Eli in all forms of mass media, especially the Internet.


    Vindication from Growing Audience Abroad


    As in his home country, the Philippines, Bro. Eli is also recently earning the moniker -- "Walking Bible" -- in the Americas.  He earned the title courtesy of Bible Exposition where Bro. Eli answers questions from people from all walks of life. This is an effort already in existence since the early 90s.


    In the last three decades now, Bro. Eli's popular Ang Dating Daan remains one of the most-watched religious television programs in the Philippines, even earning an international award in 2006 for being the "most informative religious show" from Gawad Amerika.


    Since the time Bro. Eli opened a Twitter account in 2009, his page shows that his total tweets now reach 2,700.  For a busy person like Bro. Eli, this is already much because he's preoccupied with many gospel-related works.


    In this 24/7, seven-day-a-week cycle, Bro. Eli devotes time each to writing a blog, live podcasting and chatting with audience of his Livestream.com webcast, and answering questions from people during his Bible Expositions.


    In between these works, he may be juggling his time taping new episodes for a program he's showing in India, or preaching before his congregation during his regular Thanksgiving services every Saturday.


    And one thing he currently cannot do without: sneaking in to the small monitor of his phone, tapping the keys to send short and sweet tweets to his followers: "SsD!", which is short forSalamat sa Dios! (translated in English as Thanks be to God!)

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