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    Posted August 12, 2010 by
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
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    The Unknown Floating Object -- UFOs in Ann Arbor


    Ann Arbor seems to have had a case of the 'UNKNOWN floating object'.  You know about the spill already, and I have a summary of stuff here at:



    It's the unknown amount, the unknown cause, the unknown source, the unknown exact substance.....

    floating down a river for hours.


    So today, to be fair to the readers, I had a meeting with a bunch of directors and such regarding the spill.  Summary of meeting.


    Q: Why was the public not notified?
    Answer:  Because first responders did not view the spill as a threat.


    Q(directed at me by the AAFD): Why was I focusing on Phosphoric Acid?
    Answer:  Because it was in the AAFD and the OSEH incident report


    Q: What spilled?
    Answer:  Mineral salts.  The phosphoric acid was a preliminary test on the river.  Those tests are not accurate.  Test results change as more work is done.


    Q: If first results say it was acid, why not notify the public?
    Answer:  We don't want to cry wolf.  Preliminary test.  It was night, rain was coming, few on the river.  No need to tell the public.


    Q:  Did the booms collect anything?
    Answer:  Yes.

    Q:  Did you get a sample from that?
    Answer:  No.  You can't get a sample from the booms.


    Q: If it wasn't a permit dump, and it wasn't an accident, then it was criminal?
    Answer:  No.  It is UNKNOWN.  The UNKNOWN is a 4th option.  We don't know how it happened.


    Q:  Do you know how much spilled?
    Answer:  No.


    Q:  Do you know where it came from?
    Answer:  No.


    Q: Does the sewer lead just to the hospital area?
    Answer:  No.  It leads to residential areas too.  Hundred+ insertion points.  Residents/residential areas could have spilled it.  A sprinkler could have turned on and grabbed some mineral salts/fertilizer from someones yard and washed it down the drain before the storm.


    Q:  And that could fill up the entire section of the river that I saw for hours?
    Answer:  Yes.  These things disperse.  Sheens are common on rivers.  This is common.


    Q:  Next time a spill occurs, will it at least be noted alongside the other DPS web incidents?  They make notices about skateboarders, why not spills?
    Answer:  Thank you.  Noted.


    Q:  What about such and such a rumor, or such and such a rumor as to the cause?  (i'm not going to list those rumors on here, but I tried asking)
    Answer:  Those are what if scenarios, we don't deal with what if scenarios.  Don't focus on what if scenarios.


    In otherwords... how do I feel after this?
    it reminds me of a line from Star Wars...

    "nothing to see here move along"

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