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    What did you want to be when you grew up?

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    What did FOX's Master Chef Joe Bastianich want to be when he grew up?




    Clarification: ALL my friends are stars... Some of them just happen to be celebrities. And someone has to hold  the "cam" right.?

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    As children, we have all dreamt of the future.  Dreams of growing up to rocket towards far off galaxies or take care of things right here at home as a doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, fathers, princesses and maybe even president.   Joyful hours of playful fantasies about what we would be when we grew up.

    No doubt some of us imagined being celebrities and taking the large and small screen by storm.  But what did our “celebs” dream of being and what do our celebrity “kids” have in the “plan” for when they are all grown up?    I sat down with some of my very cool, very friendly friends who just happen to be celebrities and they have some great “stuff” to share.

    So pull up your appetite and enjoy!


    While Joe might be one of my most unique BZFFF (Best Zepplin Foodie Friends Forever) He can cook up a storm and do it on a song - Literally!   Take a look not only is he remakably fun and accessible he is also singing for us...



    Joe Bastinaich - What did I want to be when I grew up?

    I was inspired by the rock guitar gods of the 70s Led Zeppelin, The Who. I plastered my room with their pictures. I wanted to take my act globally and be a rock star. I was distracted the last 25 years by returning to my family business of feeding people Italian foods and wine. I have over 20 restaurants and 3 vineyards. Food and wine is a far stretch from being a rock star but I have picked up the guitar again and I think there is still time for me to rock the world. Check it out…Joe Bastianich.



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