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    Burbank, California
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    TV Ministers: Are THUGS!


    They are Worse than Politicians, Bank Robbers, Used Car Salesmen, Stock Brokers and Thieves! They are Demonic, Evil and Ruthless Con Men and Women who make Millions lying and deceiving weak vulnerable people! TV Ministers are of the worse kind selling Phoney Blessing for your money and property. They are audacious and tenacious in seducing people into offering "SEEDS", i.e. your money, in return for miraculous anointing and special blessing in the name of Christ. It is outrageous, and they should be banned by FCC, and prosecuted for fraud and misrepresentation!  Their vanity is unbelievable, they have NO shame or remorse when it comes to begging for your money. Those Fake Preachers, they eat the finest food, own elaborate homes, travel around the world and wear designer clothing from the income they Hustle from the meek and vulnerable. It amaze me as to how people fall victim to these religious scams over and over again. These Criminalizing Ministers during these economic times, are asking the meek to send them a $1,000.00; and if they don't have the cash, to charge it to their credit cards; and People are doing it, WHY? Many of these Fake Ministers even brag about their accumulation of wealth, and yet the meek and vulnerable STILL DON'T GET IT!  Those guys make Politicians look like SAINTS!  I'm am NOT going to fault the Politicians anymore for their deception; because too many Americans are just too GULLIBLE to feel sorry for! It's just unbelievable how simple minded people can be, do you give offerings to TV Ministers, if so WHY?

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