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    Who taught you to love food?

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    Who Taught Graham Elliot (MasterChef) to love food


    Clarification: ALL my friends are stars... Some of them just happen to be celebrities. And someone has to hold  the "cam" right.?

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    CNN's food blog Eatocracy is unapologetically obsessed with food, eating, and the culture around it. It doesn't matter to us if you don't know Le Cordon Bleu from Captain Crunch -- My friends eat every day, so they have some stories to share...


    Defined loosely in pop culture circles a foodie is: A person that spends a fair amount of time, attention and energy on food, food prep, and food facts.  He or she derives great pleasure from fierce and fabulous ingredients - Eats to live and lives to eat!  Not  a food snob, simply a food lover these folks also like to "spread the love"


    What do my "Foodie Firiends" have to share?   Graham Elliot keeps me calorically challenged and strapped to the treadmill on a regular basis and for that I love to "hate" him


    ...Take a look! Graham Elliot Fox's Masterchef


    "...Most people say it was their grandmother, stirring the sauce next to her, but for me it was my dad. Every Sunday he made a batch of pancake batter. He would divvy it up into different bowls and add food coloring which made different colored pancake batter. He would then make different shapes - Mr. Bill, giraffes, apples - that was our breakfast which was super cool. Dad was a diver in the Navy he would catch lobster, abalone and fresh seafood, he would bring it home and cook it. Learning about food and where it came from was important to us. "

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