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    Posted August 23, 2010 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Islamic center near Ground Zero

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    Are the minority of rational Americans who reason that Islam wasn't responsible for 9/11 supposed to be sensitive to those in the majority whom have irrational fear over a Muslim Community Center being considered at "Ground Zero"? Maybe.  But not for the reason you think.


    If your child fears a boogyman in their closet and fears going to bed with no light on, as a parent, you know that your child's fear is baseless, but you leave the light on and show him the inside of the closet.


    Americans whom believe that this mosque will irreparably damage them are no different than those that believe Prop 8 will effect their marriage. Or a child that believes in the boogyman.


    Or that immigrants will take their jobs, or gays serving in the military will somehow effect the military's effectiveness. The list of irrational fears of these people in the majority goes on ad nauseam.  Reason seldom convinces the irrational. Many whom are opposed to change and are against the mosque, gays right, immigrants, DADT and help for the unemployed, are usually the same ignorant people. Have you noticed.


    The progressive are on the train waving to the fundamentalists in America to get on the train headed to the bright future America could have, and these People of the party of "no", the "overwhelming majority"  say, "No" we want things to stay the same. We like our dreary, dismal, world of bigotry and prejudice. Of corporate greed, of the exploitation of the poor.

    They don't want to leave their "comfort zone" where they could discover something new and better. No. But they're Christians and Patriots...they claim! Wow! How do thinking progressives deal with that mind set?


    Should the minority of rational Americans  continue to be tolerant of the majority's fears instead of blasting them with cold hard reality?


    Unfortunately, the "rational" may have to  to live and suffer under a GOP dominated government after November's elections chosen based on their fears. The "Over-whelming" majority rules, even though, they often shouldn't. Thank our founders for guaranteeing us Rights under the Constitution that the majority can't take away...or can they?


    There are politicians that manipulate these fears for political gain. These non-progressive, politicians care little about the mosque or gay rights, but use these issues to gain power by exploiting these fears for monetary gain for their true constituents- America's corporations.


    U.S. Senators and Congressmen take an oath to protect the Constitution when they enter office. Many of our GOP Representatives, by weighing in against this mosque, are breaking their oath to defend our Constitution which guarantees religious freedom in this country. These rights are not just for Christians. We fled England for this main reason.


    This shouldn't surprise Americans, especially when these same Senators and Congressmen betrayed Americans by outsourcing millions of American worker's jobs.


    The mosque-fearing, xenophobic, majority's fear IS real to them. Yes, it makes no sense. No, it isn't logical. And yes, many, who think, are tired of nurse- maiding these ignorant ," masses are asses" type people along in to a progressive view of the world.


    The Constitution guarantees basic rights. Until these irrational people read the very document that our country is founded on, we , in the rational minority will have to continue to hope that this prejudice will eventually become a non-issue over a few generations.


    You see, the irrational teach their children to be fearful of anything different as well. Thank God for public education.


    Ignorance is certainly self-perpetuating in this country. For me, I remind myself that fear is not rational and these people are Christian fundamentalists. We see how the Islamic fundamentalists are in Muslim countries with their Archaic views.


    Stepping into a World where progressive views prevail is just too scary for the majority of Americans. They'd prefer to live in the past where they are comfortable with their narrow points of view.


    They say people are six inches from what they want and some are only 3 inches away because they're so narrow minded.


    Do you sometimes just wish that the majority of Americans would grow up and start seeing the World for what it could be rather than a place of division and fear? This issue tears at the fabric of our Constitution. People should ask what John Kennedy asked..."What can we do for our country?"


    " A Lime Green House in a Town of conservative white houses"





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