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    Posted August 25, 2010 by
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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    Adding Insult to Injury


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     ElBar, a Filipino who was raised in Hong Kong, was angered and then embarrassed when she saw photos of tourists and officers posing in front of the bus that had been hijacked earlier this week. 'More than anything, I was angry. It was very disrespectful. A tragedy just occurred and suddenly you have people flocking to the site and taking pictures like it was a picnic,' she said.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    The world watched as we blundered our way to a botched rescue attempt on Monday evening that ended with 9 lives lost (including the hostage taker) and several in critical condition. The whole ordeal lasted some 11 hours and it took the SWAT almost an hour after hearing shots fired from within the bus to end the hostage situation.


    The unprofessional and nonchalant way we handled the rescue attempt was the injury.


    This morning, I was upset to see photographs of Filipinos posing and having pictorials at the scene of the crime.


    This is the insult.


    Would it be so hard to refrain from posing and having your pictures taken near the hell bus that claimed several lives? Would it be too much to ask to show some respect to the people who have been injured, traumatized and robbed of family? Can we not show some decency and propriety at a time like this?


    We, Filipinos, feel insulted at the slightest hint of racial critism from others, yet it is also us who bring these to ourselves. Foreigners generalize us to be ill-mannered and crass; and instead of proving them wrong, we prove them right by being insensitive and vulgar.


    Try to imagine how the situation right now would be had the people on that tour bus been Filipinos and the hostage taker a Chinese. We'd be demanding more than justice. We'd be demanding ten thousand pounds of flesh and we'd be screaming "RACISM!" at the top of our lungs.


    We demand respect yet we do not give any.


    It's high time we grow up and show some maturity. Let's stop sensationalizing what happened on Monday and treat it as the serious offense that it was.

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