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    Posted August 28, 2010 by
    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Puppy skinned alive in rescue shelter


    The night before she was due to fly to her new home  in Holland, 3 month old puppy Jessy who was being cared for at one of the country's few humane shelters in Upper Bogrov near Sofia, Bulgaria, was killed in a senseless act of revenge brutality against the current Animal Rights movement in Bulgaria.  Sick psychopaths broke into the Animal Rescue Sofia (ARS) shelter last night and skinned her alive, leaving her remains to be found by the volunteers in the morning when they were met with the terrifying sight of her leather skin and head.


    Spokesman Svetoslav Petrov from ARS  said that there were no traces of blood on the premises so they believe Puppy Jessy was taken off premises and her skin and  head brought back.  He added that a man nicknamed "Chin Lee" has sent a  note to ARS describing to them how it was done to "keep the meat tasty  and tender".


    This was not an act done in the heat of the moment.  It was a pre-meditated act of violence designed to send a "message" to Animal Rescuers across Bulgaria who are currently seeking to persuade the Bulgarian Government to criminalise animal cruelty.  By its very nature the killers broke into the shelter, removed puppy Jessy, took her to an unknown location to commit their barbaric act, then returned to the shelter to place her skin and head to be found.  These people are cold calculated killers and should be caught.  They have demonstrated their lack of compassion for a sweet defenceless puppy and it is well documented around the world that violent offenders conduct acts of cruelty against animals prior to harming humans.

    This comes at a time when the people of Bulgaria who are concerned about the poor state of animal welfare in the country are making an effort to announce to the country that acts of animal cruelty is not an animal rights issue, yet a highly social one that concerns humans as well. The emphasis on safety of the society in defending justice for animals is more than apt in a country where a popular TV presenter, Martin Karbovski, is frequently broadcast inciting violence against animals and teaching his viewers how to mix poisoned food for the stray street animals as well as openly inciting other barbaric methods of killing.


    Currently, injuring or killing an animal is not punishable under the Bulgarian Animal Protection Act, it is simply treated as a misdemeanor, and is subject to penal laws under that category. In Bulgaria, if you murder an animal, if you are caught, you can walk away a free person and an unrecorded menace to society just by paying a fine.


    Donations are currently being raised to try to offer a sizable reward to entice someone with knowledge about the crime to come forward.


    Animal lovers around the world are being asked to urgently sign the petition in support of criminalising animal cruelty in Bulgaria:



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