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    Did George Bush Destroy America?


    Most Definitely! No other American President has ever caused the massive economic damages to a nation and it's people as George Bush has! His incompetence and obtuse arrogance has decimated America's economy to a Catastrophic level of hopelessness. Millions of Americans are still suffering from the residual effects of his inept leadership; and many will continue to do so for the rest of their lives! What George Bush has done to the American people is almost criminal in theory and in principle. This impostor, masquerading as a President, allowed Corporate America the freedom to financially decimate our financial security and diminished the hopes and dreams of our quality of life. How does Bush sleep at night knowing that his actions led to millions of foreclosures of hardworking homeowners who have virtually lost everything, some even their sanity. What does he feel about the chronic percentage of working Americans who are now unemployed due to his allowance of Corporate outsourcing of jobs and the import of consumer goods from China? Does George Bush have a conscious, a soul, or is he some kind of demonic creature perpetrating as a human being? From Enron to Wall Street, Bush have allowed Corporate America the freedom to transition America's Economy into their personal 'Piggy Bank" at our expense! Maybe that's why we don't see or hear of him much in the media; he can't face the people of this dying nation. Some Americans are so traumatized by the corruption of the Bush Administration, that they deliriously now thinks it's Obama's fault that we are crippled economically! There's nothing Obama, or anyone else can do to repair this mutilation of our economy caused by George Bush. All some of us can do now is try to hang on, but the residual effects of Bush incompetence and malice behavior is catching up with those of us who still have a job or home. Our future as Americans is definitely uncertain and unstable; it creates tremendous insecurities for many of us. Thanks Bush for ruining so many lives, and may God hold you accountable for the devious and sinful pain and suffering you have caused so many to encounter; you have Destroyed America!

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