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    Posted August 31, 2010 by
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    The Making of a Conspiracy Theory: Michael Jackson Environmentalist and Smear Campaigns


    Michael Jackson was feared by some because he was a star and the power that he had.


    I believe the accusations of molestation and pedophilia were part of a smear campaign against him by organized crime who wanted to control him, subjugate him, and I believe it is linked to the oil industry and former U.S. administration.


    Note: with discussions on facebook and strong attacks by what are referred to as "trolls" in regards to Michael Jackson being a pedophile strengthens my believe that he was the victim of a smear campaign.


    Michael Jackson and the FBI - June 25, 2009 rest in peace Michael

    Michael  Jackson’s life was surrounded by people who wanted to control him, that pretended to be friends in attempts to control him and his money, that wanted his money or that wanted to find ways, conspirer, to get or take his money from him. Some people would call these kinds of people “snakes”."

    Mobbing in Modern Society: Michael Jackson, Organized Crime, Mob "ice pick"

    "The criminal psychological harassment network that I've been documenting uses workplace psychological harassment to eliminate a person's means of subsistence, the homelessness weapon, and advanced technology such as sound technology in attempts to subjugate a victim or kill them through sleep deprivation aka heart disease and stroke. -- I believe something similar was done to Michael Jackson who was using powerful drugs to "put him out"."


    "Mobbing in Modern Society: Michael Jackson and the Pedophilia Weapon


    What could be used to try to bring down a popular star or threat that is loved worldwide like Michael Jackson, the pedophilia weapon and this weapon is part of a toolset in Mobbing in Modern Society.


    I believe Michael Jackson was assassinated by this type of advanced technology weapon aka sleep deprivation and what happened to him had many components of Mobbing in Modern Society such as a degrading themes, the pedophilia weapon, a smear campaign, false accusations, and people who feared him, wanted to control him, subjugate him, or make an example of him linked to the mob or organized crime.


    - One possible link is one of his last songs "Look What They've Done to the World", which is linked to the environment, something the oil industry or the Bush oil and Cheney Halliburton oil industry may not have liked.


    - And I also believe the gulf oil spill was an attack on the current Obama administration and linked to attempts to hide the acidification of the oceans due to fossil fuel burning.


    - Do you believe the oil industry would appreciate a powerful environmental activist like Michael Jackson?


    - Are global warming and the acidification of the oceans due to fossil fuel burning a hoax?


    I still find it strange how it was all about the drugs and the doctor and nothing as to why or the high levels of sleep deprivation.


    June 25 R.I.P. Michael Jackson"


    Note: the song is called "The Earth Song"

    Mobbing in Modern Society: WikiLeaks Julian Assange Claims Pentagon Behind Smear Campaign


    Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks claims he is the victim of a smear campaign, rape and molestation, in Sweden and believes the Pentagon may be behind it.

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