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    Arrogant: Exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner.

    The American people know less about Barack Hussein Obama than any other occupant of the White House... EVER.

    His past and his rhetoric are shrouded in mystery. Obama has totally refused to make public his early life, school records, associates and financial information – what is he hiding?

    More to the point... during the presidential campaign, Obama spoke repeatedly of "change" ... but he never gave the American people any specifics... and the Mainstream Media never bothered to demand that he give the American people any details... and perhaps if we had known more about Obama's past, the American people would have known precisely what Obama really meant when of spoke of "change."

    Here are a few questions that might lead to an explanation of what Obama meant when he spoke of "change."

    Did you know that there is an actual strategy, formulated some 40 years ago, to effect radical change in the United States and that this strategy specifically calls for the deliberate sabotage of our economy, our livelihoods, and our position in the world?

    Did you know that this strategy calls for the deliberate flooding of government systems in order to cause the government to implode under its own weight?

    But, wait a minute, how does sabotaging the economy and causing it to implode, further this strategy?  Well... according to the strategy... the American way of life, as we know it, MUST be destroyed and discredited because the American people will NOT ACCEPT STATISM UNTIL the present system is destroyed and discredited.

    And how does one go about destroying and discrediting the system?  If you need an example, look no further than the so-called economic stimulus schemes that the Obama Administration and Congress have implemented.

    By now, most Americans have come to realize that throwing ungodly amounts of money... money that American taxpayers do not have... at wasteful government programs that are NOT STIMULATING the economy... it's BREAKING the economy.  And... plainly put... that's what these so-called stimulus schemes were designed to do... break the economy.

    And, according to the strategy... once the economy is broken... once unemployment rises even further... once increasing numbers of private businesses, unable to shoulder the tax burden, shut their doors... once crushing debt and the reckless printing of money drives our nation into insolvency... liberals will simply continue shouting a mantra that you have already heard... "Capitalism Has Failed" ... and their cure for what ails us will be... direct government intervention... greater levels of dependency by individuals on the federal government... and more government control over our day-to-day lives.

    Of course, the Obama stimulus schemes are just one example of the strategy at work. ObamaCare... open borders and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens... so-called Cap-and-Trade policies... in fact, ALL of Obama's domestic policies fit into this master strategy to sabotage the American economy?

    Now, you might be asking... can this strategy actually work? If you're asking that question, know that this strategy WAS successfully implemented (on a smaller scale) over 30 years ago and actually bankrupted one of the largest cities in the world... right here in the United States?

    And yes, Barack Hussein Obama is not only implementing this strategy on a national level... the individuals who devised this strategy and their protégés are directly connected to Barack Hussein Obama.

    Fact: Barack Hussein Obama is connected to the authors of this plan... and is the fact that he is implementing their strategy just a coincidence... or does Obama know precisely what he is doing?

    If we want the “American Way of Life” to survive, we must limit his power to implement his destructive plans – send the corrupt, greedy career politicians home this year. Use your “Vote”, this Fall, for representatives (Democrat and Republican) who will work to stop Obama’s plan for the destruction of America!


    Only the American people can save America, use your power to stop the destruction – vote this year.

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