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    Posted September 9, 2010 by

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    Bible Burning by US Military


    Bible Burning by the US Military
    (Double Standard)


    Isn’t that something, the US Military is and has been burning Bibles, so I read today on CNN, to pacify the Muslims in Afghanistan and other Middle East Countries, and denying a red blooded American, Dr. Jones, the same right to burn a Karen, and here the President doesn’t say a word, and by our own Military Leaders, by gosh if this isn’t upside down (so the military can abuse the 1st Amendment, but Jones can’t). I hope the President is done with his Islamic Holy Dinner, to stop and look at the double standard he is asking for. At the same time his middle name Hussein is starting to show—anti American waves, and thus, see his true colors. And Hillary, who was never much for being a First Lady, is a floor mate for this President, as is the Commanding General in Afghanistan. The military actually confiscates the bibles, ones that churches pay for by its tax paying American citizens, and burns them. I hope Mr. Jones brings this issue up, when all the news media and self-righteous politicians try to corner him. If this doesn’t bring the moral down in the Army I don’t know why burning a Karen would. This gives the impression, the President who is Commander and Chief, wants Christ out of the picture—which is obvious anyhow. Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

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