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    Riverside, California
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    Islamic center near Ground Zero

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TheVideoMan thinks back to Sept. 11 along with his wife, Roberta, and coworkers. He also did some interviews asking people where they were on Sept. 11, what they think about the proposed Islamic center and their take on Pastor Jones.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    Today is the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that forever changed America - and the World. In this first part of a two part series, I interviewed my wife, Roberta, who commented on our belief that "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it", this is the reason why we must never forget this day - we can't let it happen again.


    I also interviewed members of my work staff, Danielle said: "We still came to work and got the business of America done that day", Bobby Hall told this reporter that "If the Mosque planned for near ground zero is just for religious purposes, then it is OK - but, if the Imam is building it there just to incite people, than it should be moved".


    We then traveled to Riverside Plaza, an outdoor "lifestyle center" in Riverside, CA - about 60 miles east of Los Angeles CA. I interviewed a friend, "Mike", and "Anna Maye", who both gave their stories of where they were that day, and their opinions on both the Mosque planned for near ground zero, and the Parisher that threatened to burn copies of the Q'uran - The Islamic Holy Book - today in Florida, unless the Mosque is moved.  Anna's brother had just retired from the NYFD just before the attacks...


    May God bless the victims and the survivors of this horrific day in history...A day that will live in Infamy...

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