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    InWorldz Vs Second Life


    I’ve noticed a lot of people are trying other virtual worlds besides Second Life lately, some happily inhabiting SL, plus using another grid too, and some leaving SL completely in favour of trying one of the increasing number of new 3D worlds available.  The Metaverse always had to expand at some stage, there will always be IT people starting new products and 3D is the way that the Internet is heading.  I’ve been a bit slow to explore, but I have registered with InWorldz and I must say I am enjoying the experience, although it’s a bit like driving an older slower car compared to the smooth swish drive of Second Life (well smooth most of the time!).  I’m not about to leave Second Life any time yet, but InWorldz, like a lot of the other new grids, is in its infancy and still in Beta, so it can only get better.  There are advantages too, SL is quite an expensive business if you want to buy a sim, or even rent land, as the landowners have the upkeep of the sim to pay for, and InWorldz is a lot cheaper.  The exchange rate for their currency is approximately a third of what you would pay in SL, plus you have a lot more ‘primitive’ building blocks for your money (prims are used for building anything and everything in SL and the other grids).  Prim allowances are something that I find frustrating about SL, as I am always searching for low prim items so as not to exceed the limit on my land.


    I set out in InWorldz to find a piece of land to rent and I found a nice parcel in an ‘up and coming’ business/residential sim.  I was delighted to find I could rent this cheaper in InWorldz and get a parcel twice the size of my SL home (which I still love by the way!).  Because of the prim allowance I became inspired enough to open my own shop and do a little bit of building to stock it, it’s my venture into something new, well for me anyway!  (If anyone is passing, I’ve opened a shop selling Christmas Decorations, a bit early I know, but by the time I’ve made a lot of the decs it will be Christmas week!).  My avatar isn’t quite what I would like yet, I can’t seem to find any decent ‘walk’ animations and shopping for clothes is still limited at the moment.   However, lots of the SL designers are quickly moving into InWorldz, whilst keeping their businesses running in SL.  The InWorldz’s Search menu is a bit of a nightmare at the moment, but these things will only improve with time and a lot of hard work from the InWorldz management, which I’m sure the residents all appreciate.  There are many good features, including free uploads which is a real bonus!  I suspect there will have to be some price increases as InWorldz comes out of Beta, we will have to wait and see just how much.


    When I go from one virtual world to the other, I realise how far SL has gone with making their grid into such a quality environment, there is no doubt about it, we SL people moan about the little hiccups that we come across with lag and rezzing problems, but all in all it is a smooth ride with the scripting working very well the majority of the time.  Young grids like InWorldz will take a while to catch up and maybe SL will always he ahead, but I’m finding both worlds fun and I’m meeting an awful lot of people I already know from SL in InWorldz, so watch this space….






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