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    Posted September 18, 2010 by
    Round Rock, Texas

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    Obama On New Dollar Bill?


    They are considering President Obama for the new One dollar bill. I guess old George isn't important anymore...What do you think?




    More importantly folks, consider that the Constitution says only the US Congress can issue our currency, yet the privately held Federal (not federal at all) Reserve does and charges us interest to do so. - Jack


    From a fellow American on a yahoo forum:


    The Federal Reserve note is a privately owned debt based currency . This  entire scam to " resign the dollar " is nothing but a propaganda effort  to persuade the American people to accept total slavery to the Banks .  We need a new currency issued by the Congress and the People , not a  redesigned credit card owned by the Rockefellers and European Central  Banks .   The Globalist Banksters want to destroy the dollar and replace  it with a new currency called the "Amero " or "   Bancor" owned and  controlled completely by the Central Banks . The People have the Right  of issuance but that power has been usurped by private Corporations .  Until there is a debt free ( no interest charged ) currency ISSUED and  owned by Congress and the People , America will continue to collapse .  This " contest " is nothing but a smokescreen . The People must  understand the question is not spending , it is borrowing . Everyone  must demand Congress answer a simple question : Since Congress has the  power to ISSUE currency , why are they BORROWING at interest in the  first place ?    God Bless America.

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