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    Advanced Technologies and Organized Crime (possible links to homelessness)


    I'm not a medical professional and the information provided is given as is


    Mobbing: Creating False Views on Reality Toward Law Enforcement and Government


    Mobbing in modern society can consist of trying to create false views on reality towards law enforcement and government to prevent exposure or to use as a shield, linked to a false conclusion or view on reality, deception.


    Regardless of who you believe to be involved, police members or government members, when it comes to crime or organized crime these members fear themselves and are subject to the same laws and justice system.




    Advanced Technologies and Organized Crime (possible links to homelessness)


    Mobbing: Sound Technologies (hypersonic sound)


    Sound technologies can be used by organized crime for criminal psychological harassment by targeting a victim 24/7 through constant interrogation and other psychological technologies that are destructive to the brain such as provocation, which depletes the victim, inducing anger or hate through torture which inflames the brain, and more specifically sleep deprivation, which prevents recovery and repair of the brain, and leads to acid-base imbalance or acidic blood pH, which causes more damage to the brain, and can lead to stroke.


    Homelessness could be linked to the use of this technology and victims who may try to "escape" sleep deprivation by sleeping on a public bench or park when targeted by organized crime with sound technology such as hypersonic sound.


    Mobbing: Microwave Weapons for Assassination Through Cancer (radar, x-ray, gamma)


    Similar to weapons or crowd control technologies based on microwaves that law enforcement now have and use, organized crime can also use similar microwave based weapons combined with the sleep deprivation sound technology described above.


    Radar, x-ray, and gamma microwaves can all cause different sensations at powerful levels such as stinging sensations and these types of weapons can be used by organized crime to cause death through cancer such as leukemia and would be a type of assassination that would be very difficult to prove or prosecute.


    Homelessness could be linked to intimidation, "death threats", and insinuations that these technologies are or will be used to give a victim cancer by organized crime. "You must leave" a threat linked to homelessness, and even more so if the targeted victim actually feels the strange sensations described above. Victims could try to escape the use of these technologies by sleeping on public benches and parks out of fear.


    Mobbing: Psychological Abuse, Anger, Humiliation, Substance or Alcohol Abuse


    The psychological manipulations and psychological abuse linked to mobbing in modern society and anger, degrading themes, and humiliation can lead victims to substance abuse such as alcohol, which increases damage to the brain and is linked to homelessness.


    Substance abuse which can be linked to psychological abuse or criminal psychological harassment can be used to create a false perception in regards to homelessness, "only alcoholics or mentally ill (paranoid schizophrenics), are homeless".


    Mobbing: Radar and Radar Guns


    Links between high levels of radar or radar guns and cancer were discovered when law enforcement members got brain and testicular cancer from their use. The placement of the radar in an area close to the head and others resting the radar gun in their laps. Due to the lack of research on the issue litigation was impossible or the causes of cancer hard to prove.


    It now seems organized crime is using this as a weapon and research on the issue is still hard to obtain.


    Epidemiologic evidence relevant to radar (microwave) effects.


    Public and occupational exposures to microwave (RF) are of two main types. The first type of exposures are those connected with military and industrial uses and, to some extent broadcast exposures. It is this type that most of the data cited in this study draw upon. The second type, cellular telephones and their associated broadcast requirements, have raised concerns about current exposures because of their increasingly widespread use. Four types of effects were originally reported in multiple studies: increased spontaneous abortion, shifts in red and white blood cell counts, increased somatic mutation rates in lymphocytes, and increased childhood, testicular, and other cancers. In addition, there is evidence of generalized increased disability rates from a variety of causes in one study and symptoms of sensitivity reactions and lenticular opacity in at least one other. These findings suggest that RF exposures are potentially carcinogenic and have other health effects. Therefore, prudent avoidance of unneeded exposures is recommended as a precautionary measure. Epidemiologic studies of occupational groups such as military users and air traffic controllers should have high priority because their exposures can be reasonably well characterized and the effects reported are suitable for epidemiologic monitoring. Additional community studies are needed.












    - "We found that radiation increases the risk of developing a second cancer in a very similar way to how it is related to risk of a first cancer," -- "We also found that cancer survivors had particularly high risks of developing a second cancer that we know to be radiation-sensitive. These include breast, colon, lung, thyroid and bladder cancers,"


    - The findings would likely hold true for other types of radiation exposures known to cause cancer.


    High radiation raises risk of second cancer: study

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