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    Posted September 21, 2010 by
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    Tea Party movement

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    Freedom To Speak My Mind


    When I say that I love this country because of the freedom we have to speak our minds I truly mean it. I think everyone has the right to free seech and if they believe the political system is failing them they have every right to do something about it. That goes for the T-Party too. With that said it is unfortunate that the people who are at the forefront of the movement although very photogenic and capable of saying things that sound sincere seem to lack credibility and come across as hypocritical once the layers are pulled back and they are forced to actually answer questions ( which they go out of their way not to) about who they really are. That goes for a lot of politicains across the spectrum. The sad truth is that a lot of good people who are suffering right now and are desperately looking for help have found in people like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell people who seem to say what they want to hear with out really saying anything at all. Unfortunately, however sincere they may sound or in their hearts believe what they are saying is right the truth is they are mean spirited, racist, sexest, homophobic and dillusional about an American past that was anything but perfect. I get it, change is scary and having to face an uncertain future makes anyone long for the past even if it's based on paintings by  Norman Rockwell, TV shows and black and white movies where everyone looked the same and problems were resolved by the time dinner was on the table. I kind off miss imaginary America myself. In the long run political movements come and go and the odds are that the T-Party will be swallowed up by the Republican party as much as the Green movement has become part of the Democratic party. Regardless of party the real problem is the inability of people to talk to each other and if we can't figure out some way to communicate with those we don't get along with in the end do we really want to be remember as the nation that was destroyed by a simple two letter word like NO?

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