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    Posted September 28, 2010 by
    Rockledge, Florida

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    How To Prove The Unproven Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory


    by: Victor Del Prete

    September 28, 2010


    Every now and then I come across a post on a social networking forum or a youtube video where somebody purports to have proof that the lines in the sky which jets leave behind are designed to rain down poisons upon the Earth to control or kill people.


    I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but a global on-going conspiracy to poison the air is not yet proven. The burden of proof is on the conspiracy theorists, and this one is very easy to prove because if it is true that those lines in the sky contain dangerous chemicals, then all you have to do is have them tested.


    I know what some people are thinking: “They were tested and they contain barium and aluminum.” Right?


    There are just a couple of isolated videos on youtube to date where people hold up lab results showing elevated barium and aluminum levels. This does not prove an on-going global conspiracy. Just because barium was elevated in someone's Northern California backyard on a single day in 2007 does not mean that those lines over Kansas City are chemtrails designed to poison and control or kill humans in 2010. Those lab result videos and jars of fluid tests are just as refutable as are the chemtrails themselves. Who knows if the person collecting the rain water didn't sprinkle the sample to get the desired result?


    Other Claims By Chemtrail Conspiracy Theorists



    • - Chemtrailing has been going on for 20 years.

    • - People are having upper respiratory problems because of chemtrails.

    • - Chemtrails are for weather modification.

    • - Chemtrails are for killing people.

    • - Chemtrails are for making people more docile.

    • - Chemtrails are killing the bees.

    • - Chemtrails are a military weapon.



    Stop Jumping To Conclusions



    We can all agree that "something is different", but that does not prove there exists a conspiracy. There are three things which can be done in order to prove this on-going global conspiracy theory. If it is indeed on-going as most people who believe in it say it is, then you'll need to do controlled tests over a long period of time. A single test is an isolated incident and does not in any way suggest that chemicals found today are proof later of the same. Also if it is indeed global as people all over the world are reporting seeing these chemtrails, then it needs to be proven in several locations around the globe. To your advantage, it is more important to prove that it's on-going than global. If you only prove it is on-going in your city then it's at least proof of an on-going conspiracy. But if you prove it in several cities only once, then it's just a bunch of isolated events. Showing that it's on-going is going to be very hard to dismiss and will most likely get results.


    In order for conspiracy theorists to prove a global on-going chemtrail conspiracy, they need to:


    1. Choose several cities around the world.

    2. Take daily air samples using identical scientific gathering methods in the presence of a reputable figure (like a police officer or a college professor).

    3. Ensure the security and accuracy of all results through a reputable security firm during collection and transit of samples.

    4. Send samples to several independent certified labs.

    5. Repeat random testing over a one year period.

    6. Collect and compile all data(including undesirable) and you'll either have your proof or you will be able to rest a little easier.



    Once you have this level of proof you have then determined that the air is polluted, but you still have not proven those lines in the sky caused it.


    In order to prove the lines in the sky are full of chemicals then you should do this:


    1. Use a chase plane outfitted with an air sample collector to test the jet streams.

    2. Have the samples tested in the manner outlined above.



    Another way to prove this on-going global conspiracy theory:


    1. Find several people working in the chemtrail industry.
    (pilots, tanker jet refillers, truckers, plant chemists, air traffic controllers) or any of the other tens of thousands of people it would require.

    2. Get legally binding confessions.


    Always remember, you have to prove it is on-going, so do it several times in the presence of a neutral reputable figure and use a security firm to ensure the integrity of the samples during collection and transit.


    Why Proof of HAARP and Weather Modification Isn't the Proof Needed



    HAARP is not a secret, and is claimed to be in isolated areas, usually in Alaska. Weather modification programs are not a secret either, and are claimed to be infrequent (not on-going) tests. If you can prove that HAARP or weather modification is an on-going global event then you will at least know that something artificial is happening in the atmosphere. You will still need to analyze the chemicals present in the jet streams in order to prove an on-going global chemtrail conspiracy to poison the planet.


    What Makes This Conspiracy Theory Different From Others



    Was 9-11 an inside job, who killed JFK, and many other conspiracy theories are difficult to prove because they happened in the past and they happened only once. There is limited evidence remaining. However, in the Warren report and in the NIST report we know that lies were told. Lies do not necessarily prove a conspiracy theory, but they do help discredit the person or people who are lying. Chemtrails are supposedly an on-going global daily event, which means the evidence is easily collectable. So go get it, and until you have actual and complete proof of an on-going conspiracy then consider your theory for what it is, just a theory with very little real evidence.



    Victor Del Prete

    email: ihub-asus@usa.net


    The information and data in this report are the opinions of Victor Del Prete and were obtained from sources considered reliable. Their accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed.

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