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    edmonton, British Columbia
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    My interview secrets


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     seeitnow clipped an excerpt from his chat with Bruce Horak, creator and performer of the one-man play "This is Cancer." Horak is a cancer survivor who has lost his vision in one eye and only has about 10 percent left in his other eye. Interview was in August in Edmonton, Alberta.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    I love doing interviews because they are so easy to do and they look great.


    My personal secrets


    If I'm not sure of the subject i work with the inerviewee to come up with the est questions


    Use 2 cheap cameras on cheap tripods if you're alone.


    Mike both of the cameras


    if you don't like the answer the way it was stated ask again.


    When editing it's so simple. Question, Answer, Question, Answer. cut n' paste, cut n' paste


    If you have a tendency (and we all do ) to have a few too many ums and ahhs cut em out but of course uou'll need some B roll which is easy since you have the other camera and you can use it for reaction shots


    If you're stuck with one camera then simply use the camera to have the intverviewee state all the answers. Once you're satisfied you can dismiss him and turn the camera on yourself asking the questions. Take your time and do them until you like them.


    When you cut it all together it'll look like you really know what you're doing : > )


    And don't forget to show maximum interest or your guest will fall off. If you want to laugh, LAUGH. Don't hold back, et into it.


    Feel free to email me with any other questions.

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