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    Mexico City, Mexico

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    World's Best Taco


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     seeitnow says nothing beats the real thing when it comes to tacos. 'I've met Mexicans back in North America that would weep at the sight of a genuine Mexican Taco. Make no mistake there are no Taco Bells or Taco el Mars to be found in Mexico City. It's thousands of years of cooking perfection and it's serious stuff, right down to the hand rolled, hand baked and smoked tortillas. The cooks I met have been doing this their entire lives and know nothing else.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    Looking around Mexico City, I realized that I was standing in the center of the taco universe. I didn't see any talking chihuahuas or taco bells ringing but I did see the taco as truly being Mexico's pride and joy --  something that everyone, from all corners of the country and all walks of life, cherishes. Tacos are more ubiquitous in Mexico City than sandwiches and hamburgers are anywhere in the United States and they are much more embraced. Taco making is not only a modern art in Mexico but also a tradition that anthropologists suggest has existed for thousands of years!


    Being astonished by the sheer variety of tacos as well as the number of places that serve them in Mexico City -- from taco restaurants and taquerías (taco stands) to canastas (men standing with taco baskets) -- I took it upon myself to do some very difficult research… I ate my way around the city, ranking each of Mexico City's taco joints, on a quest to find the best taco!


    I knew I couldn't do it on my own though so I enlisted the help of Mexico City's very own "Jaco the Taco Expert." Jaco guided me through some of the city's best taco establishments and we found what must certainly be not only Mexico City's but also the WORLD'S TOP FIVE TACO JOINTS as well as, ultimately, THE BEST TACO IN THE WORLD!!


    WARNING: Watching this video may just have you soon running for the border to get your hands on one of these delicious tacos!


    For detailed information about each of the featured taco joints or to learn more about "Jaco the Taco Expert," check out http://www.percysworld.com/travelMexico.html


    To learn the #1 taco joint in Mexico City (and the world), and how we ranked each taco joint in our countdown to #1, you must watch the video!


    Percy von Lipinski and Tracy Bymoen

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