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    Posted October 6, 2010 by
    Seattle, Washington
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    Bullying in America's schools

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Duckitude sets up a different duckie display every season to promote what he calls “duckitude”: optimism, resilience and civility. "My favorite quote is, 'I wont be bullied.' These people just want to shut down this whole display...it's where we're headed as Americans. It's a sad road, actually."
    - yvonnezusel, CNN iReport producer

    As far as I am concerned, the kids are all right... it's the adults that suck. 

    We expect kids to be "good" but, as a nation, and as adults, we love to bully.  I can give more examples than this page would allow -- but, just for the heck of it, how about aggressive driving, most advertising (which uses peer pressure to sell), and many, many forms of pressure applied to adults by other adults to conform, look like them, be "normal," "have the right car, house, clothes, etc.", not to mention how much American loves to bully the world.

    Actually, it is amazing the kids are doing as well as they are given the really awful models we give them for civil behavior as adults and as a nation.  So, yah, scapegoat the kids... hmmm... real constructive.  Let the adults go free.  I figure the reason CNN is only focusing on school bullying is because CNN is run by adults.  When those adults grow up, maybe the kids will.  (CNN - Hint:  Focus on the culture that encourages this behavior, uh, that actually thrives on this behavior, then the kids might have a chance.)

    Here's a video showing *adults* terrorizing a neighborhood on September 15, 2010 -- firebombing a children's miniature ducky waterpark playground that provided fun for hundreds of kids and adults who passed by on our "boardwalk" this summer.   It was located on my front porch and set the display on fire, killing one of the most beloved duckies I have ever created -- the favorite of hundreds of adults and children -- Ducky Bongo.

    These are adults, not "teenagers gone wild."  And, in fact, 95% of all theft and vandalism that occurs at the famous West Seattle Ducky Reserve is done by adults.  Again, how do you expect kids to be different?  Start at the source, a culture that not only condones all sorts of bullying but clearly encourages it.

    Take care,  Ron

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