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    Posted October 8, 2010 by
    East Greenwich

    Kenneth Waters/Conviction


    My name is Carolyn Waters, sister of Betty-Anne Waters and Kenneth Waters. For ten years I have kept silent over the way Betty Anne has handled my Brother Kenneth's case, especially now that I have seen the trailer on ( Conviction ) it has angered me.. The only truth about this movie is that Betty-Anne has gone to Law school to help Barry Scheck with Kenneth's DNA to prove my brothers innocence of a wrongful conviction. Ultimately a civil suit on behalf of my Brother Kenneth's estate was filed, and Betty-Anne and Barry Scheck has profited immensely. The work from Betty-Anne & Barry Scheck did not compare to the work that Kenneth and I did for sixteen years. I have all documentation to prove that I that put in many years of hard work. Also my two children that went to the prisons for years to see Kenneth, not Betty Anne's children. Many of our siblings gave up on the fact that Kenneth would ever be released, especially the ones that felt that he was guilty. As for Betty-Anne, she was a bored housewife with her financially well off boyfriend Aiadn Graham who talked to her about going to Law School to help her brother Kenneth with his case after Kenneth was already incarcerated twelve years. It was her boyfriend Aidan Graham that paid for her law school while her ex husband had custody of her two boys. Very few people of the family would even visit Kenneth without me giving them a ride, which includes Betty-Anne. ( This can be proven from log books at the prisons ) as for her friend Abra Rice, I have no recollection that she ever wrote or visited Kenneth. She came into the picture after Barry Scheck corresponded with Betty-Anne in 1997. I am not taking away the fact that Betty-Anne did graduate from law school, which is a great accomplishment, but I am very angry that I was completely dismissed of all those years of hard work. Also, when Barry Scheck won the civil suit on behalf of my bother Kenneth's estate, my brother John (who is fighting cancer at this time) and I who was very close with Kenneth ended up with nothing. The reason is because we spoke up and said how we felt, regarding what my brother Kenneth wanted to do with his civil suit. My brother John and I were shut out of everything while the rest of the siblings ended up with little compensation out of a very large settlement. When Kenneth was released from prison he lived at Betty Anne's home for a couple months before being thrown out by her! That's why he came to live with me. Not one of Kenneth's wishes were fulfilled, our mother died penniless after her spending thousands of dollars on my brothers defense. Kenneth always said my mother would be compensated for all the money she gave him. ( that I have in writing from Kenneth ) You would think Betty Anne would have at least bought a head stone for her grave. This story is not a quest to gain freedom for an innocent brother, but a story of greed and fabrication. The movie ( conviction ) is not a true story and far from based on a true story, I don't know where you got all your facts but they are wrong and this angers me. How can someone be on a quest for eighteen and a half years working to have Kenneth released from prison when soon after his conviction that very person moves to Florida for a couple years. Within those years Kenneth wrote that he only had enough money for one stamp so he had to send a letter to me so things would get done. My whole family has been torn apart from greed and the lies that were told. I have all documentation that will show that this movie is far from any truth. I am informing you first, I certainly do not want to go to the media with this information, but if I have to, I certainly will. I just want the truth to be known so I can go on with my life after this twenty eight year nightmare.. All of my life Kenneth, John, Betty Anne and myself were very close. I feel that I have lost everything. My brother Kenneth is dead and I am certain he would not have wanted to see things turn out the way they did. BettyAnne has deceived our family, Telling our family that she and Barry Scheck were representing all of us in the civil aspect of the multi million dollar lawsuit against the State of Massachusetts. She would always claim that she was representing our family and that she would make sure that the settlement was equally divided among all of the siblings including my Mother. BettyAnne has walked away with the credit and money from a movie that is based on lies and a civil suit worth millions of dollars giving about twenty-five thousand dollars to a few family members. I never thought my own sister could ever do this. At this point I don't know who to trust. I have put all of the documentation in a safety deposit box and have talked with an Attorney regarding this matter. Respectfully Submitted, Carolyn Waters

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