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    Posted October 14, 2010 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Strangers On A Treadmill


    Quirky "comedian" Phil was asked to "Phil in" at the Realtors annual party which lead Claire to finally admit to us that Phil, although fun, isn't funny.   I kinda knew that all along.  Claire was worried that Phil would make a fool of himself but she couldn't tell him herself so she enlisted her brother Mitchell.   Mitchell ended up chickening out so Claire stole Phil's index cards with his jokes on them.  Phil ended up ad-libbing at the party and was a hit.


    Jay and Gloria were invited to a Qunicenera party (for a 13 yr. old girl) by one of Jay's employee's.  They ended up going to the wrong party, which Gloria figured out when she saw it was an engagement party.  Jay pretended that he knew everyone even though Gloria knew he didn't.  When the engaged couple got up to dance, Jay was egging them on until he noticed the man's hands all over the woman who he thought was the 13 yr old little girl with her father, when they started to kiss he freaked out.   I guess the ending to that party has to be left to the imagination since it ended there.


    Haley was trying to teach Alex how to be cool and popular.  Alex ended up losing the only friend she had.


    Cam likes to wear bike shorts, Mitchell hates to see Cam wearing them so he asks Claire to tell Cam he shouldn't wear bike shorts, some people in fact most people just don't look good in them.  Cam freaks, cries and complains to Mitchell.  Mitchell is on the phone with Claire who is yelling at him for telling Phil that he is very funny.  Then while Mitchell thinks Cam has left the room, he yells at Claire for hurting Cam's feelings, telling her he only wanted to have Cam take the bike shorts off.  Cam hears this, wails again.  Mitchell asks Cam to tell him what he doesn't like about him, Cam says "I hate your beard", so when Mitchell starts to shave it off, Cam stops him saying he's glad that Mitchell would even think to shave it off.  They make up, then Cam asks Mitchell to do his shoulders, Mitchell turns to him with the shaver and shaving cream, Cam looks at him and says "a shoulder rub!"  Then he leaves the room pouting.


    You just have to watch this Emmy winning show!  Tune in on Wednesday nights on ABC.           

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