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    Binghamton, New York
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    Deathly Stalker of 28 yo Girl in Virginia´s 1st District Not Prosecuted!


    Neither the CIA, nor the FBI, would comment about the ongoing scandal of Krystal Ball the shy and demure Democratic candidate for Virginia's 1st District who  is living in paralyzing terror after having not only compromising  photos of her spreading at the age of 22 all over the Internet but now  has to wonder if there will be more questioning messages from a  disgruntled and no longer voting citizen of another state. The non  voter, who maintains that record due to repeated and at least one  presently appealed felony conviction, has stated publicly that he has  still not called the Republican challenger a whore and that he does not  expect her to shatter any glass ceiling until she has gone though an  iron door like Liu Xiaobo or the original suffragettes who were lobotomized ¨...for the courage of their beliefs and sexuality.¨

    The story fist broke about the aspiring and shapely candidate and  mother who boasts of her ability to look good in high heels for being  called a member of ¨The Bad Girls Club¨ and due to her positions in sex  and education when(what was originally believed by both parties to be) a  polite disagreement happened between the author of the blog below and a  nameless monitor of The HuffingtonPost.  The monitor managed, with the full knowledge and support of the  Democratic challenger, who also is a Republican, with the same view as  the
    Krystal Ball to have the old blogger banned from writing a letter or protest to any of the Jon Stewart stories about the benefits of The HuffingtonPost, censorship in a free society and including satire.

    Charges have still not been filed according to a family  member by her second husband but one source said it has been a difficult  marriage and the election has not helped. But due to a close contact  with one of the Organizers of The Rally to Restore Sanity it was learned  by doing a preliminary IP search of the origin of the message the  police are still unable to prosecute on their own but the Attorney  general is looking into wire fraud violations since ¨...there are no  specific laws covering a woman seeking that kind of publicity because  non voters still  have rights.¨



    Dear girl friend,


    Congratulations for having a private photo of yourself at the age of 22 with your ex in newspapers from London to New York to Boston. I can not get a response from even one letter I sent to every member of the Cult of Incumbents in local political offices to State to National to International positions of power as well as to the FBI and the CIA...and sending the inflammatory email to the local sheriff and the local Commissioner of Mental Health as well. Normally I would not give someone who is actually insane enough to be a Commissioner of Mental Health in a psychotic world the time of day...but I did want to acknowledge the bitch(its´s a him bitch) for having me committed a year or more ago based on someone else threatening to kill George W. Bush, who was never legally elected, AFTER Obama was. Because while I sincerely believe that seeing all politicians in hell would be a good start...I personally do not care if any of you live or die. Then again, if I saw so much as one of you on fire I hope I would care to at least stick around long enough...to piss on your ashes after they cooled down.


    Yes, you and your kind will continue to infest the world. And yes you will win because regardless of who shows the least amount of substance by winning the grander high school popularity contest based on Madison Avenue advertising science...none of you are any ¨profile in courage¨ that the bottom 90% of the human race really has to be just to go on from day to day. And thank you once again for expressing your views so eloquently on a guaranteed annual income for all, unilateral disarmament, the legalization of mind enhancing chemicals, shipping people who are trying to escape poverty back to where American international corporations can rape them the best, and the building of bigger and more costly super maximum security prisons as a solution to the unemployment problem of the criminals of tomorrow who are being gang raped in the reformatories of today. And thank you so so much for taking the time to silently tell us volumes of your other unique solutions that I couldn't disagree with you more on. Because after all, I would rather talk to an honest crack whore...than even look at another pretty empty headed white minded man slut in drag who just wants to be a member of the elite ¨big boys club¨...rather than to destroy it.


    And of course, I would love to chat with thee more, princess. However, I have to call my probation officer for this crime against Nature and mankind which none of you will let me forget but which you did do everything imaginable and cruel to keep it off of the front page...along with the real causes of hatred and war: http://bramin.wordpress.com/page/2/


    You are such a Fox...O´Reilley kind of hydrogen head,
    Anonymous ego

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