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    Kickstarter.com hosts MMORPG Hedron Online


    The indie developers of upcoming MMORPG Hedron Online are turning to kickstarter.com to help finish the game and make it a reality for a 2011 release.


    They are offering all sorts of rewards ranging from free game play upon release to free t-shirts to having your own town in the game.  They even have rewards for mere $1 pledges.


    Kickstarter is a funding platform that rewards and brings dreams to reality.  The most famous kickstarter project for diaspora, an alternative to facebook, was featured on CNN and raised over $200,000 in pledges!


    You can learn more about the kickstarter project for Hedron Online and its rewards at:




    Promotion is also being done via mmorpg.com, onrpg.com, its own Hedron Online Facebook page, twitter, youtube, and more.


    Hedron Online game info:

    --Hedron will offer full PvE and PvP systems. The PvP system is made  up of four kingdoms that battle each other over material, skill, and  spell resources! You as a player will belong to one of these kingdoms.  In Hedron your spells, skills, crafting abilities, and economy is  impacted through PvP! For example, the kingdom that controls a mana  crystal will be able to unlock an extra level of spells both  individually and in a group. This allows for players to plan small  tactical attacks as well as large scale invasions and something actually  worth battling for. Hedron will also offer PvE alternatives to receive  the same rewards for players who prefer PvE over PvP.

    --Kingdom vs Kingdom will be an integral part of Hedron's PvP. There  will be a PvP specific area so that the days of being ganked by someone  20 levels higher than you while you try to complete a simple quest are  over with Hedron. Each kingdom will have 4 races and each race will have  its own background. Some will get along with each other, some won't.  Imagine that-enemy races belonging to the same kingdom where they can  fight each other as well as join forces for the greater cause of  allowing their entire kingdom to rise above the others. Four kingdoms,  Four races each offers 16 races to choose from with all sorts of  different backgrounds, character types, and back stories. The  possibilities are vast.

    --Hedron will have regular in-game events to help keep the player  involved in the storyline allowing them to stay immersed in the game  world. The world will change over time as events take place just as a  real world would. Players will have a truly unique experience as their  characters become an integral part of the game rather than just a game  piece running around killing and questing to reach an end level before  they get bored and leave. Hedron seeks to deliver new gaming experiences  regularly, including one of a kind quests and events as well as moving  quests that become a permanent part of Hedron’s history.

    ----Elaborate skill and spell chains that allow for special skill and  spell unlocks that are unlike the standard in the MMORPGs of today.

    --A unique guild system! Hedron will have built in guilds that you  may join which are geared towards grouping and building a team dynamic  that allows even the part-time gamer the chance to join the biggest  raids and events. Each guild will be lead by players who earn their  leadership positions in various ways so that every player has an  opportunity to become an integral part of their guild’s hierarchy. Each  guild will also have its own guild house, guild trade broker, guild  storage, and guild only perks!

    --However, we also understand that there are many guilds out there  who have moved from game to game and have a wonderful camaraderie and  team already built. We will offer a system and a world that allows your  guild to become a permanent part of Hedron! Guilds will be able to apply  to become an official Hedron guild. When approved, your guild will  receive its own guild house built right into the game world and will  include its own guild only perks! Hedron is going to offer a world in  which guilds will thrive and involve more than just a fancy cape design.

    --A dynamic quest system that offers moving quests, race specific  quests, guild specific quests, deity specific quests, and more so that  each time you play a new character the game will be a new and different  experience for you! Our goal is to move away from repetition and create a  real fantasy experience.

    --Hedron will have some of the usual familiar races and zones but  will also have things never seen before in MMORPGs. Our attitude is that  the possibilities are endless and we have nothing holding us back but  our imagination, so why not take advantage of it and go wild.

    --Unique monsters and bosses is another thing Hedron will offer. Most  games have the same monsters in every zone but they simply change the  color or size. We will offer a new experience with new scenery and  monsters in each environment that you visit.

    --Hedron wants to offer more than typical leveling. We want to offer  sub-levels which offer more skills and spells. To do this we will offer  raids of all sorts. Not the 8 hour, 100 person raids of the old days,  but raids that will take groups of people, lots of co-operation, skill,  and planning. We will steer away from slow spawn rates so that you don't  have to camp out at a location waiting for the boss or quest to spawn.  We want to make it accessible and fun for both the part time player and  the full time player.

    --We plan to bring balance to the item, crafting, and money systems.  We will focus more on allowing your character to obtain mods and  attributes by accomplishing quests and kills rather than gobbling up  every item and gold coin you can in an attempt to create the most uber  character you can. Imagine receiving a scar on your character's arm  after beating a boss which boosts your spell resistance instead of  farming the same mobs for three days waiting for an item to drop that  gives you the mod. Our goal is to immerse you in the game play and to  reward you for participating in guilds, groups, quests, and the game  storyline as opposed to rewarding simple farming. We will have items  with mods but the real juicy stuff will come from what you actually  accomplish during game play. We think that sounds much more fun and  brings back the roleplay aspect as opposed to farming, killing, and  collecting mindlessly....the usual gaming grind. No one likes to grind  so we want to try to do away with it and replace it with actual game  play!

    These are some key aspects we believe gamers are interested in but we  would be more than happy to answer your questions! Do you want to know  how a part of Hedron will work? Do you want to know if something will be  included or not? Ask us! Please! We realize that this won't be  successful unless you have all of the info you need so send us a message  here, post here, or email jen@hedronline.com and ask away! We'll post all of the answers here.


    Head over to kickstarter and help put another project over the top and the indie developers' dreams come true.

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