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    Tallahassee, Florida

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    Do Vaccines Confer Immunity?


    I was reading about the outbreak of pertussis in California. I found the information a bit misleading because it seems everyone assumes vaccinations confer immunity. They do not. They confer RESISTANCE. There is no clinical evidence to support any claim that someone is not contagious simply because they have been vaccinated. This is a point all parents should be aware of. NEVER assume that since you have been vaccinated you cannot be a carrier for the disease. The disease is still present in the environment and isn't going anywhere. Especially when talking of pertussis. Vaccines change the bodies response to the disease often masking the symptoms. In some instances, the individual will not be contagious depending on the disease. I would think most respiratory diseases would result in most individuals being contagious regardless of vaccination. Some individuals can be carriers with no symptoms whatsoever.


    Bottom line: If you are sick and have a newborn, wash your hands before touching your baby. Wear a surgical mask.  Do not take your child out of the house into public places before the child is 6 months old. Never let anyone who is sick, or has no need to touch your baby, touch your newborn. The mother must, if at all possible, breast feed her infant in order to transfer antibodies. Everyone who touches a newborn must thoroughly wash their hands first. These things will protect more babies than any vaccine.



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