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    Posted October 21, 2010 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Unplugged


      Imagine telling your three kids they can't use their cellphone, iPod, video games or any electronic device for a whole week!  That's what Claire did this week on Modern Family.  Of course the kids freaked out about it so Phil said whoever can forgo these things will get a big ticket item, like, a car for Haley.  Claire went off on Phil for offering those bribes, Phil says to Claire "they will never be able to do this".  Now, Phil and Claire have to forgo also.


      It lasted for about a day or two when Luke gets a call from a friend about some video on YouTube that he just has to watch, so, he quit.   Then Alex comes home from school all bummed out because she didn't ace some schoolwork that day.  She quits.  Then Claire is on the phone trying to book airline tickets with all that "please press one", "please press two" you all know what I'm talking about, she gets busted on the computer so, she's out.


      Phil is itching at the bit to check his Fantasy Football stats, laptop in hand but Claire talks him out of it because Haley is still in the game and they can't afford to buy her a car.  Then, they hear Haley up in her room talking, but, she's alone!!   So Phil and Claire sneak up to her door just in time to hear her say "ok, I'll text you right now".   Ah ha, busted, Claire and Phil enter her room.  Haley is downtrodden, Phil is sitting on the bed typing on his laptop when Haley say's "so we all lose and now you're on your laptop"?  "Dad, are you on the internet right now"?  Phil says yes, then Haley screams out  I WON and shows them the cellphone soap bar she carved out and painted black so it looked like a phone!!  I guess Haley is smarter than she acts, except, they had no intention of buying her a car.  Sorry Haley.


    Mitchell and Cam want to put Lily in pre-school (she's just a tad young for that but, it's a TV show).  Claire suggests the school her kids went to, Wagon Wheel, and sets up an interview with her friend that works there..  Meanwhile, the guys hear about a snooty school called Billingsley which is "the Harvard of pre-school".


    While in the waiting room at Wagon Wheel, the guys are all nervous and discussing what they will say at the interview when the receptionist chimes in saying "not to worry, gay men with an Asian baby will get you into any school these days.  Its the"Gay Advantage".  Mitchell and Cam are stoked hearing that.  After the interview they were told they would be called as to if and when Lily could start.


    Mitchell decides while waiting for the call, to get an interview at Billingsley, Cam is put off at first then agrees.   Claire gets a call from her friend at Wagon Wheel telling her that Lily was accepted, she calls Mitchell to tell him but instead of accepting he tells her about the interview at Billingsley.  Claire tells Mitchell they won't be holding the spot.


    While in the waiting room at Billingsley, acting all cocky because they know they are the "Gay Advantage" a white woman comes in carrying a black baby, Cam says to Mitchell, 'white mom black baby, we still got the advantage",  no sooner did he shut his mouth when another women comes in in a wheelchair and hugs the first woman,  Cam says " disabled lesbian inter-race with a African kicker!"  Then looks like he's going to faint.   Cam ended up totally blowing the interview pretending to be an American Indian and talking all weird.


    Be sure to tune in next week on ABC!

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