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    Modern Family: “Unplugged”


    During last night’s episode each of the 3 families dealt with some of their own problems, keeping them separated (or unplugged) for almost the entire episode. Each of the stories were pack with funny moments, as usual, giving us a good treat of the best comedy show on TV these days. From the Dunphys’ attempt to kick the electronics habit, Gloria’s battle with the neighbor’s dog, and Cameron and Mitchell’s attempt to get Lily into a great preschool, this episode kind of lack of some cohesive structure because the storylines never really came together. Maybe that was the idea.

    As the title suggested, they were all unplugged, not only from the electronics, as Claire wanted for her family, but from each family and within their own. As we saw when Alex is arguing with her mom after being told she can’t use the internet for a week (preposterous!). Claire told her to do homework the way she used to, at the library. But Phil responds too, saying “With a chisel and a piece of stone” as his funny self but he is shunned down by Claire, making him to unplug his funny bone. So, all of them were unplugged somehow, but who wouldn’t when on these days the electronics represent part of who we are; they complement us in some way.

    There was Manny not having a clue what most kids do, drinking an espresso (with his pinky raised up) when Jay asked him why he is not drinking soda like anyone else. Manny is seriously unplugged from his age group (something we always knew because he is so mature, and different from any other kids). And we all love this about Manny, giving some conscience for the family, like the little innocence and mature voice whispering what is right or wrong (especially for Jay).

    As for Jay, he was unplugged from his wife when she is complaining about the neighbor’s dog. He replies: “How can one dog keep you up when in Colombia you slept through cock fights and revolutions?”; which I think it was a little too much and definitely he is disconnected from her and doesn’t understand her heritage, relaying on the stereotypes. But stereotypes or not, it was funny, and scary at the same time, when Gloria kills the rat with her “Rat Shovel”. I will never forget that scene, although it was revolting, it sure was hilarious. Jay reveals to us his concern about how Gloria can be sometimes coldblooded (I’ll be scare too) and he attributes this to her grandfathers and uncles being butchers.

    Inside Jay's head, this fact makes Gloria a murder suspect when the neighbor’s dog mysteriously disappears. But when Jay is a getting into our nerves with his comments about her being a Colombian is such a bad thing, Gloria replies with another xenophobic comment saying that she is not a Peruvian because she is not sanguinary. Maybe is ok for her to joke about Latinos, or not. Anyways, the lesson here is to never mess with her.

    For Mitchell and Cameron they were disconnected from themselves when they desperately tried to get Lilly into the finest preschool after seen their competitors: a lesbian couple with an Afro-American kid and one of the lesbian mothers was a handicapped. How could anyone compete with that diversity? That’s where Cameron unplugs from himself, out of desperation, and does a Native American impersonation. While I hope it was not offensive to anyone, for me it was one of the funniest things I ever seen, so wonderfully absurd (I’m laughing while writing this…).

    This is the good thing (and bad for other people) about “Modern Family”, a comedy full of diversity that sometimes fall into the stereotypes, but that is all part of the comedy strategy. Or that’s what I think. On this episode maybe it was too much and could be very sensitive for some people if they take it too seriously; and that’s what the show is about: not taking it too seriously and enjoy the funny ride. So far, no one can argue that this show, no matter if some episodes are less funny than others, is the best comedy we can find on TV this fall.

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