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    Posted October 22, 2010 by
    kandy, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
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    Uncle Jaye's sweet shop....


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     sunethra says she considers this candy shop a landmark because 'it has been there for 64 years and it is still populated both by adults and children in spite of so many other shops now on that street.'
    - katie, CNN iReport producer

    Mr.Jaye short for Mr. Jayasinghe,'s sweet cum grocery shop has been standing for the past 64 years in the heart of the Kandy town and close to all schools.  I remember this shop when I used to go to school,  however I had never visited it until recently, when I came to know Mr.Jayasinghe, for he also happened to work in the same office as  I did somewhere about the late 90's.  That is how I came to know that this shop belonged to his father in law.

    It is is a small shop situated next  to the Good Shephered Convent on the Peradeniya Road,


    Mr.Jayasinghe told me that when his father in law Mr.K.P. Samson Silva started this shop as a Grocery in 1946 they had everything in the shop like rice, kerosene oil, firewood, fruit and all the grocery items, and this was the only shop and another bakery shop which was the Empire Bakery and Siripura Mudali's shop that was situated along the quiet streets of yesteryear. Those days were quiet days unlike the maddening fast paced crowd it is now., firewood and kerosene oil used to move very fast, but now they dont stock kerosene oil or firewood, instead he told me that they concentrate more on stationary items, tooth paste, and toilettry items, chocolates and sweets cool drinks, short eats and cake.  I was thinking to myself that the shop looked nice now  and more modern looking with lots of colourful stuff and there was plenty of grub to eat, my eyes went straight to a plate of delicious looking cake!!! and hot hot wades... ah....!  to sit down for a hot cuppa and a wade!!, but now I had work to do - and could not stop to eat wades, I had an interview to conduct, and and to get on with what I was saying........


    The little shop is patronized by local people and lots of school children.  Mr.Jayasinghe told me that he came into the shop in 1984 to help out his father in law and todate  continues to do so along with his wife Mrs.Swarna de Silva who is the present owner of the shop along with her husband Mr.Jayasinghe.


    Mr.Jayasinghe or "Jaye" as he is fondly known by the locals in the vicinity told me that all the school children call the shop as "Seeya kade"  which means grandfather's shop!!! -  I noticed that a lot of children come in the morning hours for pens, pencils, drawing books, hair ribbons, pins and whatnots they may have forgotten to bring with them in the mornings, after school you can see a lot of chidren seated in Jaye's sweet shop, either eating something to fill their hungry stomaches until their parents come to pick them up. It is also the most safest place for the kids to stay until their respective  parents come to collect them  as Uncle Jaye is there to look after them and take care of them in addition to his shop work, he also acts as nurse maid to these kids!!, so everyone especially the parents love him for it.  It is a very happy atmoshphere in this little shop, lots of talk and happy banter and  laughter among the roaring crowd that patronizes this little shop  and Jaye could sometimes be seen talking to the adults, when there is a slight lull or interval between selling stuff, the local gossip, things that would happen in the country, or the vicinity, Jaye was the man to talk to, he knew it all, and tired and weary people would sit down their bones and have a good ole chat with him, sometimes the old folk would talk about days gone by.

    I love this shop too, as it reminds me how it would have been during the olden days, and this is a place where one  could sit and relax and unburden oneself to good ole Jaye, and have a bite, talk  of days gone by......time stays still in this little shop.


    The school children love it here.....and I am sure Uncle Jaye's father in law would have been a proud man of his son in law, so well is this little  shop run so smoothly and  is continued to be kept and handled all these years inspite of a land dispute that is onging.  However, Mr.jaye did say that they had the right to remain, on the land  and continue with their good work


    I do hope the shop remains in the same place and spot, for it is an iconic landmark of a  grocery shop of 64 years old, which has seen a lot during its time.


    It is nice to see a piece of olden day histroy of a little shop still to be seen tucked in a corner of the 21st century.


    The old story telling days of Jaye are of a bygone era.... and Jaye was a man of story tellling to his customers to make them beam with smiles, while waiting for the bus or the kids for their parents.

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