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    Positivity from Mumbai, (Since the Media Isn't Reporting it)


    Since the media doesn't report such things, here's some positivity for those who crave it.  I challenge CNN and all other major news outlets to start covering this story.  A story of life, love, and forgiveness.  Hopefully, there's still a place for that in our world. 


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    A positive alliance

    US citizen Kia Scherr, who lost her family in the Mumbai attack two years ago, is here to launch One Life Alliance, an initiative that promotes the sacredness of life


    Lekha Menon


    Posted On Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 02:10:46 AM

    The unbearable October heat, the sights, sounds and colours of an overcrowded city are a far cry from her peaceful life at Synchronicity Foundation, a Virginia-based meditation centre. But Kia Scherr takes it in her stride. "Mumbai is like a divine assault of life in all its glory," she smiles.

    The typical 'Mumbai madness' can get overwhelming for a first time visitor, but  Kia shares a special connection with the city; after all it was here that her husband Alan and daughter Naomi lost their lives to terrorists' bullets in the 26/11 attack in Tiffin restaurant at the Oberoi.

    Two years on, she is here to honour their memory and that of other victims by launching the Mumbai chapter of One Life Alliance (OLA) an organisation focussed on promoting the sacredness of life. "I also wanted to experience for myself the place where my husband and daughter spent the last two weeks of their lives," she says.

    26/11 aftermath

    The attack had turned Kia's life upside down. Alan and Naomi were part of the 23-member group from Synchronicity, headed by its founder Master Charles, who were in Mumbai for spiritual interaction that year.

    Back home, Kia had spoken to them just two days before the attack and all seemed well. Then came the news that  shattered the peace of her sheltered existence forever.

    The Scherr family always had spiritual leanings, staying as they were as resident staff members in Synchronicity Sanctuary, leading a life of mediation, mountain walks, service and serenity. While her husband was the centre's main programme presenter, she assisted him and co-ordinated retreats.

    The violence left her benumbed, especially since she was 8000 miles away from the scene. It took a while and lots of support from friends, family and Synchronicity members for Kia to get her bearings. But by then she had found the way ahead: to not let grief and negativity engulf her but try and spread the message of peace. The result was One Life Alliance which she set up with Master Charles.

    OLA was started last year on 26/11 in the US. The Mumbai launch exactly on this date this year seems a natural progression. "We value life.

    Tragedies all the more remind you of the need to honour life instead of negating it," she says explaining her mission. "Simply look into others' eyes, see the life in them and respect that."

    And Kia charts the way to achieve this seemingly difficult path. "We promote the "30-day pledge" - for the next 30 days you pledge to honour the sacredness of life within you and others. You just have to be proactive and committed about it," she says.

    On her part, Kia has been using every forum to promote this initiative ever since her arrival in India. She has spent the last couple of weeks meeting ordinary Mumbaikars, interacting with survivors, networking with like-minded groups and working to harness technology to connect with the global community.

    Back in the US, she had been meeting authorities in Washington, Muslim families in Virginia, and Senators and Congressmen with her ideas. "Everywhere I found tremendous support which itself shows that there is place for positivity," she says.

    On her wish-list now is a meeting with President Obama when he comes visiting. "I just want to meet as many people as possible while I am here," she says.

    The Mumbai plan

    The Mumbai launch is foremost on her mind though. Around 16 members of Synchronicity, including some survivors and their families will be present for it. "We plan to have a webcast of the event.

    We also want to build our website and allow people to interact with one another online. They can also join our Facebook page. And we want to involve the youth in a big way," says Kia who is being supported by some Indian family friends in her endeavour.

    However, much as she talks about lofty ideals, what are her thoughts on Kasab? "I do follow the case though I don't dwell on it too much. The Indian judicial system will do what is to be done."

    What she would like to dwell on is the way to make a difference in a role that life has thrust upon her. "Frankly my life ended that day…but I know this is what Alan and Naomi would want me to do."

    (Those who want to connect with Kia and be part of the One Life Alliance movement can go towww.onelifealliance.orgor mail at kia@onelifealliance.orgor join the Facebook link).

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