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    Buena Park, California

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    Ghost Story In California: California Paranormal Private Investigators


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    Who you gonna call if you are experiencing Paranormal Activity? In California and beyond, the answer is CPPI. California Paranormal Private Investigators are freelance ghost busters, servicing their clients for free. The social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have made the Paranormal Business a lot more socially acceptable.


    TV shows and cable networks have also helped spread the paranormal craze. These programs are reality TV fare such as Ghost Hunters. 


    The goals of CPPI are to help educate the public and to debunk the myths of the paranormal. The investigators will go into homes, business, and to the usual places such as graveyards.


    This team has investigated some of the most haunted places in California, Including "The Comedy Store" in Los Angeles. The location was a former hangout for mobsters, and Mickey Cohen. Yes, they have also investigated "The Queen Mary", and other local haunts.


    CPPI also took us through "The Tools of The Trade", from old school baby powder to Energy Fields and night vision lasers and cameras - even a device that changes energy to words.


    Unlike the one hour shows on TV, CPPI can take up to two weeks to conduct a proper investigation of a home or business. Often they discover no ghosts at all - it's just electrical problems in the home.


    So, if things are going bump in the night this Halloween, be sure to call Cheryl or Peaches with CPPI. They can tackle almost any ghost with ease.  Grade: A

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