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    Why Do Conservatives Hate Obama So Much, WHY?


    What has he done to warrant such Hatred, Resentment and Bitterness? Why are Conservatives constantly attacking this man, unlike an other American? What are his crimes, what sin or affliction has he committed to cause Conservatives to condemn him so? What is the justification for the emotional rants and protest, what do they want? Obama is the President of the United States, he is worthy of respect and acknowledgement. Conservatives complain about everything  this President attempt to do, but  never articulate what it is they want from him. Do they realize that he is the President for all Americans, Liberals, Republicans, Independents, Democrats; and yes, even Conservatives. What policies or programs do they want implemented, what laws or amendments do they want modified, do they even know themselves, or just find it pleasing to whine and complain without just cause? George Bush, his Father, and Ronald Reagan was a political calamity. They were incompetent and inept as the Nation's Leader, and yet Conservatives were dormant in protest and dissatisfaction, WHY? Everything Conservatives are crying about is a absolute residual effect from George W. Bush debacle as President, everything! Is it the lack of intelligence as to why Conservatives cannot comprehend that; or just innate stupidity? Obama has been President less than two years and Conservatives expect him to walk on water and convert water to wine in an attempt to correct the catastrophic tenure of George Bush; that's insanity! Final point, why don't Conservatives educate themselves on facts before unleashing their infinite advocacy of hate and resentment. Maybe it is the duty of Liberals to spoon feed Conservatives political wisdom and awareness. Either way, why don't Conservatives abort their hateful attacks on Obama and try to learn how to become more pragmatic like most Americans; there's just no excuse for manufactured ignorance!

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