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    Posted October 28, 2010 by
    Quezon City, Philippines
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    Halloween in the Philippines


    “Pangangaluluwa” a Filipino word synonymous to Halloween, we celebrate it the same way it is celebrated in Western Countries. During Halloween night, somebody will give you a visit while you sleep. That person will try to get an item from you like slippers, clothes that you have hanging around, plants in your garden and other things that they can easily grab. The next morning when you wake up, you will find your things in the middle of the road or a park if your community has one. In older times, they believe that during Halloween, spirits of your love one gives you a visit and manifest their visit by getting an item from you. Some provinces in the Philippines still celebrates “Pangangaluluwa” by forming a group that will go house to house and offer them a song in exchange for money or food. But like other traditions, This tradition is starting fade… Now you will see more and more Filipinos celebrating Halloween in the way westerners celebrate it. During Halloween nowadays, you will see Filipino kids dressed up in costumes knocking on doors, ringing doorbells and asking for candies. “Pangangaluluwa” is starting to be a forgotten word. Progress might be the reason for this, and we cannot blame anybody for it. When you go to a Mall during Halloween you will find decors and promos pertaining to Halloween. Modern parents now do not even know what the word “Pangangaluluwa” is. You ask a Filipino kid about “Pangangaluluwa” and you will get a question instead of an answer. What the heck. Kids enjoys wearing costumes and asking for candies! I guess it is just proper for parents to educate the kids about our old traditions. In this way our old traditions will be preserved and not forgotten.

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