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    Posted October 28, 2010 by
    Squamish, British Columbia
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Ebike hackers: Show off your hacks!

    Hybrid electric kinetic photovoltaic vehicle - THEKPV


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     solar2010 says he built the bike because hre realized it would be years before anyone else would build such a vehicle.
    - cmccloy, CNN iReport producer

    This is my hybrid solar electric vehicle, it has no pedals which it may then be called an electric scooter.  Before all the customizations this was a Razor eRunt.. meant for young kids to zip around with its 12v battery and 80 watt motor.


    Now several years later I have managed to engineer what most high tech racing vehicles and ultra efficient prototypes have in their designs...


    I have added alot of technology here, every piece would require me to add a seperate explaination, and operating the bike is quite technical aswell.  So I will just list parts.. and then you can form your own idea of how it all works..


    - 50 watt solar array made using monocrystalline solar cells

    - high light transparency polycarbonate solar panel top sheets (92%+)

    - 10.8v super capacitor bank (booster)

    - 13.2v high power battery (28 Wh booster)

    - 12.5v kinetic generator (approx. 30 watt)

    - 26v prismatic battery (396 Wh main)

    - Titanium hardware

    - watt meters, power analyzers, no flat tires. neon lights, laser direction notification etc..


    Okay I will give a basic rundown... the generator charges the capacitor bank, with a flip of a switch mounted on the handle bars beside the throttle grip.  The generated solar power can charge any 2 cells/caps at one time via 4 rocker switches. Each of the booster packs are turned on/off via another group of rockers switches mounted on the handle bars opposite the throttle, and when turned on power the motor directly combined with the throttle output from the controller.


    So on a nice sunny day it is possible to charge all the batteries and capacitors by solar energy.


    Overall weight is just over 50 lbs, quiet and without the solar panels easily fit into a suitcase. Tested weight upto 200lbs rider. Next version will drop 15-25 pounds off the overall vehicle weight.


    more info can be viewed over at the website:


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