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    Posted November 1, 2010 by
    Fort Mohave, Arizona
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    Social Security/Medicare


    I have just finished reading an article regarding the elections and what will happen afterwards!  I am still in shock and cannot believe what I read!   It is my understanding that after the election the Republicans and the democrats are going to try and cut the Washington spending by making drastic cuts  to Social Security,  Medicare and Medicaid!  I have worked all of my life and paid into these programs, now that I am retired and disabled I rely on these programs form very life.  My wife has a very bad heart, the medications she takes average $900.00 a month in prescriptions, as of January 1st  2011 the program that helps us pay for her medications will terminate. My Dr. says I need a heart surgery but because it is not guaranteed to save my live, it will not be paid for. This is the new Obama program and the cuts that are being done to us senior citizens.  The republicans want Obama out of office.  with the cuts to programs like this I can almost guarantee he will not be re-elected.

    word of warning to all Republicans and democrats who try to cut services and benifit's for the elderly that have to live on social security and medicare!  If your career is over or you want to retire from the senate or congress,  go ahead and tamper with seniors benifit's. Remember the baby boomers?  We still vote!  We can and will vote you out of office if you try to reduce our benifit's from social security , Medicare or medicaid!!

    You want to reduce spending?  Stop sending billions to Pakistan for them to give to the terrorists, Stop trying to win a war where the people do not want the U.S intervention.  These people have lived for centuries with there barbaric ways, stop trying to change them!  When they evolve, they will stop there barbaric ways and live in peace until then ,  leave them alone get out of Afghanistan.  just those two areas will save billions a month.  Why doesn't the government ask the American people if they want to continue the wars being fought now?  ASK,  see the answers you will get.  We vote you in for leadership, not to enslave us or take us to wars that do not concern us.

    Any Senator, Congressmen or representative of our government who has holdings or stocks in any company that supplies the war effort if under conflict of interest and should be asked to resign there seat on the hill or in the house.  How many Senators ,congressmen, or other top representatives have holdings with Haliburton?  you cannot get a realistic vote on any measure if the people voting have money invested in the area of concern.  Asking them for a vote to end the war is asking them to lose money this is a conflict of interest.

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