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    Posted November 3, 2010 by

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    Unknown, Unpublished Facts About Al-Qaeda


    Al-Qaeda means 'The Toilet Seat' in Arabic. Popularly spoken in Egyptian Slang as 'Al-'Aeda'.


    Al-Qaeda also means 'The Base', but culturally Arabic speaking people do not say it. It is used for scientific usage only. Even in Military usage, one should say "Military Base', not even uttering only the word 'base' alone. If anybody say 'base' even in Military usage, people will burst into laughter, as the closest meaning that will come to their minds is 'The Toilet Seat'. So, I rule out that Bin Laden named his organization, 'The Toilet Seat'.


    Arabic people tend to chatter; they love stories and long speeches. This has affected their use of titles as well. So, titles of guilds, institutions, organizations, syndicates and groups in the Middle East or for any Arabic speaking person should be a useful phrase or a long sentence. If they ever decide to choose one word, it should be meaningful and implies more words not jokes. However, the option of choosing one word for an Arabic, islamic terrorist would not be, in any way, just one word. If I were Bin Laden, I would choose 'Monazamat al-Mujahedeen al-Arab al-Ahrar', i.e. 'Organization of Libral Arab Mujahideen' for instance-even that would be short according to the culture of Arabic people. So I don't believe Bin Laden could have named the biggest power in the world as 'The Toilet Seat'.


    As Bin Laden has not been caught yet, this denotes he still wins; beating U.S.A.. In other words, he is the man; the super power, then comes America in the second place. I don't think all this buzz and the name of this myth is a joke: 'The Toilet Seat'.


    If you translate 'the base' into Arabic, it will be 'Al-Qaeda', but if you reversed and wanted to translate 'Al-Qaeda' alone, there won't be any standard or one-word  translation, as it would mean 'The Toilet Seat', as the first possible meaning or 'The Military Base'-but you have to say the word 'military' to clarify which base; which seat' which 'sitting'. So, the word, itself, needs clarification as it blatantly stands for sitting on something, specially a seat in the toilet. Don't forget that the principle of 'sitting' in the Arabic world is new; it did not exist before. They're used to sitting on the ground and it is not called sitting, but 'Tashteeh' or 'Joloos' in formal Arabic, 'Yastirabaa', 'Yirabaa': verbs in Egyptian slang which mean sitting on the ground in the Arabic style-as it happens in the tents: the favorite place of Arabs- Ask Muammar Gaddafi. This is part of their culture. So, 'sitting' is a new, modern idea for Arabs to the extent that when you translate the word 'base' into Arabic, it will be converted subconsciously into the culturally, traditionally meaning of 'sitting' as an idea for Arabs. The idea is new as I said, and even the idea of 'The Toilet Seat" is modern for Arabs, as the toilet seat was - and still for most of them - a hole into the ground itself and it is also called 'Al-Qaeda' even there is no seat out there. So, whether there is a seat or not, 'Al-Qaeda' means the specific place where a person defecates. The idea is further fullfilled and boosted by the use of seats. Arabs are, thereafter, stunned by the use of real toilet 'seats' for the purpose of defecating. This is modernized and civilized for them. So, now when you say 'The Toilet Seat' this will definitely stand for he real 'Toilet Seat' nowadays in this era. The most amazing part is that when you ever say it whether on occasion or not, it will make Arabic people burst into laughter without a specific reason-it would be excessively hilarious.


    Before 11 September, we have never heard anything called Al-Qaeda, it is even a terrorist group that terrifies the hell of the whole world and its name is kidding. It does not belong - by the nature of Arabs - to any Arabic or Islamic mind that could ever name such a title for 'an organization'.


    Note: The use of the toilet seat as a hole into the ground is normal as they used to defecate in the desert. The use of the real 'Toilet Seat' is new as they used to do it into a ground hole. Both ways means 'Al-Qaeda'. Thus, the name Al-Qaeda or 'The Toilet Seat' has a special mocking, ironical, sarcastic sense in the Arab world that whenever it is intermingled with another Arabic word that has different meanings, it makes it too hilarious to utter, thus, making 'The Toilet Seat' the first and the closest meaning of 'Al-Qaeda'.

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